June 18, 2024

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Preddio Sees Increasing Remote Monitoring Demand from Food and Beverage Sector

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NOBL Beverages’ use case spotlights how unleashing hidden data simultaneously enables condition-based maintenance and operational productivity gains.

Preddio Technologies, a maker of simple remote monitoring solutions for condition-based maintenance and productivity gains, today announced increasing demand within the food and beverage sector. Customers like NOBL Beverages are now reaping the benefits of its quick-to-install IoT technology. Before turning its attention to the food and beverage sector, Preddio had already broadly implemented its solutions within the industrial manufacturing industry with hundreds of millions of data points collected. Initially focused on condition-based maintenance for pumps, motors, chillers, and boilers, Preddio quickly realized the broader opportunity to expand into food and beverage manufacturing facilities with a specific focus on operational efficiency.

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NOBL Beverages recently approached Preddio when it saw inconsistent operations of a critical steam boiler used in its cold brewing process for coffee. The misfiring led to sporadic failures on adjacent equipment downstream from the boiler. To uncover the issue and prevent larger-scale critical equipment failure, the company worked with Preddio to quickly install remote monitoring sensors and a gateway. Within hours, the sensors had revealed rapid pressure drops and vibration spikes on adjacent equipment, empowering NOBL’s maintenance team to take immediate action.

“Boiler uptime is critical to our process, so we contacted Preddio to quickly get a gateway and a few sensors set up to alert us before we lost boiler pressure,” said Connor Roelke, Founder and CEO of NOBL Beverages. “The Preddio team installed everything in the morning and had live data streaming in less than 10 minutes. Before lunchtime, our operators were already benefiting from actionable data, receiving alerts when the boiler started losing pressure. We’re looking forward to implementing Preddio’s technology in other process areas ASAP!”

As confirmed by NOBL Beverages, Preddio’s technology is broadly relevant for food and beverage manufacturers using industrial and commercial grade equipment for sanitary production applications. Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP), Clean In Place (CIP), and traceability are critical considerations for every food or beverage manufacturer. Closely monitoring production equipment and essential process parameters is the best way to comply with these regulations and can be quickly and seamlessly realized using remote monitoring.

“Manufacturing facilities are designed from a control and monitoring perspective for day one operation, utilizing systems that are extremely time-consuming and expensive to modify,” said Aaron Ganick, President and Co-founder of Preddio Technologies. “We see limitless opportunities for food and beverage manufacturers to tap into what we at Preddio call ‘hidden data,’ using our technology to shed light on process improvement areas while increasing the reliability of their critical equipment. Whether tracking boiler issues, understanding exactly when to change a liquid or air filter, or remotely viewing the temperature and specific gravity of a fermentation tank without needing to open the vessel, our customers can increase their production output while simultaneously protecting the health of their assets.”

  • Food and beverage companies interested in learning more about how Preddio can enable preventative maintenance and productivity gains can contact the company here.

About Preddio Technologies

Preddio Technologies is the maker of simple remote monitoring solutions for condition-based maintenance and operational productivity gains. Preddio’s portfolio of Simplicity Sensors and the Simplicity Link, which turns any existing wired process sensor into a wireless beacon of information, delivers customers in the industrial, commercial, food and beverage, and agriculture sectors concise and actionable intelligence via Preddio’s Simplicity Cloud. Preddio’s hardware and software can be installed in minutes, requires no integrations into corporate IT infrastructure, and works alongside existing control systems. Customers reap the benefits of real-time monitoring of critical assets with insights delivered to any device on customized dashboards that make equipment anomaly detection and goal setting easy. For more information, visit: https://www.preddiotech.com.

Preddio’s simple remote monitoring solution in use at Nobl Beverages

Preddio Sees Increasing Remote Monitoring Demand from Food and Beverage Sector

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