May 21, 2024

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Why In-person Substance Abuse Treatment Is Still Better Than Virtual Therapy

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If you have a loved one or you’re battling substance abuse, it is better to seek professional help. Substance abuse can bring in multiple severe repercussions. If not controlled, it can lead to depression, anxiety, bankruptcy, or homelessness. Enrolling in a rehab facility can help you break the cycle of compulsive behavior, help address the underlying issues that could be causing substance abuse, and it can prevent relapse.

When it comes to substance abuse therapy, you can opt for an in-person or online substance abuse treatment. The former is still an ideal option for several reasons. In this blog, we discuss why in-person drug Malibu addiction treatment is still a better choice.

How does in-person therapy work?

Traditional in-person substance abuse therapy has been a trusted method for addressing substance abuse for a very long time. It involves face-to-face sessions with a licensed therapist. With world-class care and luxurious amenities, rehab facilities can create an immersive experience for patients, aiding their journey to sobriety.

Here are reasons that make in-person substance abuse treatment the better option:

  1. Controlled environment

As already stated, the environment where a person who is battling substance abuse is in plays a significant role in their recovery. Attending therapy appointments in person allows patients to be immersed in a safe and conducive environment to express themselves and communicate openly.

There is no doubt that this might be quite a challenge with online appointments. People are likely to get distracted by whatever atmosphere they are exposed to.

  1. It allows therapists to have access to non-verbal communication.

Another incredible benefit of in-person appointments is that they allow therapists to read nonverbal cues that support verbal communication. You might be wondering why nonverbal communication is vital. Well, it can help a therapist understand a client’s needs better. The therapist will also be able to observe how the person walks, sits, talks, and makes eye contact. Even though the nonverbal information is not entirely lost virtually, it is limited.

  1. It allows clients to have a more intimate personal relationship with their therapist.

This cannot be denied! When clients enter the therapist’s office, they click that relationship right there. A personal relationship with meaning is formed in that space. It is so rare to experience this with online appointments.

  1. Multiple levels of care

Because of its nature, online therapy cannot offer multiple levels of care. It is typically outpatient only. However, not every client can recover fully at the outpatient level of care; some require inpatient care. In-person therapy offers a more personalized experience that includes higher levels of care and greater immersion, thanks to its full admission teams and multiple levels of care.

Final thoughts

Even though there is no denying that online substance abuse treatment has its benefits, including convenience, flexibility, and privacy, there are aspects that make it not a better option for many people. Traditional substance abuse remains the best option as it allows clients to receive treatment in a controlled environment, allows the therapist to observe nonverbal cues, and offers multiple levels of care. So, if you want your loved one to recover swiftly from substance abuse, choose in-person appointment therapy today.

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