October 3, 2023

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A box set into the floor that offers multiple electrical sockets is known as a floor box. These floor boxes come under different categories such as under-floor service box, access floor outlet box, raised floor access outlet box, inscreed floor service box, etc. Of many floor boxes that are available in the market, many are coated with galvanized iron powder with a plastic frame. These are limited to standard sizes and electrical socket layouts. The electrical ega floor box is also quite popular, it is a floor box with power sockets that can be installed on the concrete floor. Here, we shall discuss the steps involved to install an electrical floor box in a concrete floor and also the steps are undertaken to remove a floor box. 


The following instructions are for floor boxes designed to be accommodated in newly poured concrete floors which are finished with wood, tiles, carpet tiles, etc. These floor boxes are typically made from stainless steel and are water-tight and concrete-tight as they are to be placed at a lower level where there might be excessive moisture. The following steps are to be followed in the installation process.

STEP 1: Position the box as required. Set the temporary cover in such a way as to match the height of the finished floor and make the necessary adjustments that are required for making the level equal.

STEP 2: Use screws, nails, wires to secure the box and make it remain intact so that it does not float or move when the concrete is poured. 

STEP 3: Unscrew and remove the mud cap i.e. the temporary cover.

STEP 4: Make the connections run through the box. Attach the necessary power cords to the floor box and ensure that there are no loose connections inside. 

STEP 5: Reattach the temporary cover or the mud cap.

STEP 6: Once the screed/concrete has been poured, set, and finished, install any cover plates or accessories that are there.


STEP 1: If the floor box has locking handles, lift them so that they unlock the box from its original position.

STEP 2: In case you previously installed the fast-fit floor box, it allows easy removal as well. You can remove it without taking off the lid by just simply lifting the lid to an open position.

STEP 3: Look for steel clips on either side of the floor box. Insert a screwdriver into either of the slots of these clips and clip outwards until the clip comes into contact with the molded trim. Hold it in this position.

STEP 4: Lift the box out of the floor, by using the lid as a handle.

These floor boxes are more helpful in business enterprises as these provide easy access to electrical sockets and other data ports. An electrical ega box is the best option for you in case you want to install a floor box on a concrete floor.

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