October 3, 2023

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Walking 30 Minutes Helps Lose Weight

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A 30-minute walk can help you lose weight if you do it every day or at least five times a week. Simple physical activity, such as walking, can help you lose weight because it helps you burn more calories.

However, that does not mean that a 30-minute walk can always have the effect of losing weight. Because, factors such as walking speed, distance traveled, terrain traveled, as well as diet and overall lifestyle also affect its effectiveness. How many calories do you burn if you walk for 30 minutes? How many calories are burned by walking 30 minutes? It also depends on several factors, including intensity and duration. So, how many calories are burned by walking 30 minutes?

According to MedicineNet, a brisk 30-minute walk will roughly cover a distance of about 2.4-3.2 km. If done as a daily routine, walking 30 minutes is estimated to burn about 100 calories. However, make sure your walking speed is fast enough to increase your heart rate by up to 70 percent of your maximum heart rate. How to find out? The fitness tools available in the market, such as fitness bracelets, have features to help us measure our heart rate and other fitness information. For example, the number of steps or distance traveled.

Brisk walking can fit into the category of moderate intensity exercise. It is recommended to aim for 30-90 minutes per session. The time and frequency of walking can be adjusted to each of our daily activities. However, make sure the total duration of the walk is no less than 150 minutes per week to get the maximum benefit.

However, if you are just building a walking routine, you can start by walking for about 10 minutes per day, then gradually increasing the duration. If you want to make it part of your fitness plan, make sure it’s consistent.

Don’t skip walking sessions more than one day in a row. If it’s very urgent and can’t go for a walk, replace it with another sport activity, such as strength training or skipping at home. Skipping, for example, is another form of aerobic exercise that can burn two to three times more calories than walking, for the same duration. How many calories are burned by walking 30 minutes also depends on our weight.

If in 30 minutes we can burn about 100-200 calories, then in five days we can target burning calories around 500-1,000 calories. Losing weight by walking 30 minutes is estimated to burn around 100-200 calories. However, some people may want to burn more calories. Here are some tips that can be practiced so that the walking target to lose weight can be achieved:

1. Increase the duration A 30 minute walk is estimated to burn around 100-200 calories. However, some people may want to burn more calories. So, try to increase the duration of the walk by more than 30 minutes. During the first 30 minutes of walking, the body will use the sugar, or glucose, stored in the body as fuel. However, when sugar stores run out, the body will start burning energy. This happens only after we keep walking for more than 30 minutes.

2. Combining with other sports For maximum results, we can combine it with jogging or running for 5 minutes every 15 minutes walking session. We can also combine walking with movements such as squats, crunches, planks, and bridges, all of which can be done at home. Combining different types of exercise will help prevent boredom and help us to be more disciplined in carrying out an exercise routine. With a good exercise routine and managing your calorie intake, you can estimate a weight loss of 0.5-1 kg per week.

3. Look for uphill terrain According to Verywell Fit, going up and down stairs or walking on uphill terrain can provide more challenges so that the intensity of the exercise becomes higher. Research published in 2017 showed that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is as good as moderate-intensity exercise for helping you achieve fitness goals, including weight loss.

4. Divide the duration The routine of life can make a person very busy and difficult to find time to exercise. So, walking 30 minutes seems difficult to realize. If you’re in a similar situation, try dividing the duration into different times of the day. For example, 10 minutes of brisk walking in the morning, 10 minutes in the afternoon, and 10 minutes in the afternoon. Do not forget to warm up about 5 minutes before exercising.

5. Make sure to get quality nutrition. Exercise alone will not be able to make a person achieve a healthy and ideal weight loss. So, do not forget to prioritize the intake of nutrients that the body needs. The combination of physical activity and nutrient-dense, but low-calorie foods is believed to help us be more successful in losing weight. However, if you face complaints when walking to lose weight, such as shortness of breath when walking, consult your doctor to find the right exercise pattern.

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