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Vitamin B-17 – Can a Vitamin Treatment Cancer? The Tale of Laetrile

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Vitamin B-17 – Can a Vitamin Treatment Cancer? The Tale of Laetrile

Vitamin B-17 is normally identified in a lot of foods, this kind of as wild blackberries, as effectively as many other types of berries, grains these as millet and buckwheat, beans such as fava and mung beans, uncooked almonds, cashews, macadamia nuts, cassava, yams, and lots of extra. The seeds inside peaches, apricots, nectarines and cherry pits are also superior in vitamin B-17 and I try to eat them all the time.

On a molecular stage, vitamin B-17 is from a household called nitrilosides, and is composed of 4 pieces, which are 2 models of glucose, 1 device of benzaldehyde, and 1 device of cyanide. The unit of cyanide is trapped by the other 3 models and can not be released. That’s why I can try to eat the seed inside of the pit of my nectarines and apricots with reckless abandon and reside to explain to the tale. However, there is only just one scenario wherever the cyanide device can release the fatal toxin. That is when it will come in make contact with with the arch villain, an enzyme called beta-glucosadase. There is only one place in the human system that is made up of substantial amounts of beta-glucosadase. Cancer CELLS! What is bizarre is the enzyme beta-glucosadase is the vital that opens up the entice doorway to release the cyanide device. It truly is nearly like the most cancers mobile wishes to commit suicide or some thing. In addition, the unit of benzaldehyde will get unveiled as perfectly, and it is also toxic to the most cancers cell. The 2 substances collectively are about 100 periods much more harmful doing the job with each other than possibly a single individually. Now I just consider this would seem so miraculous, it can be gotta be a God thing. But hold out, it will get even improved. Our bodies have a again up preserving enzyme known as rhodanese. Rhodanese has the potential to neutralize cyanide on call and it even converts the cyanide into a thing that is valuable to the full system. There is only spot in the human physique exactly where rhodanese is AWOL, and that is in the existence of most cancers cells leaving the most cancers mobile defenseless towards the cyanide and benzaldehyde harmful toxins. WOW! I just believe that is so awesome! What is that Bible verse…? One thing about… ‘I am fearfully and beautifully produced.’

The scientific study guiding Vitamin B-17 is solid. It commenced in the early 1950’s with an American medical professional and health-related researcher named Dr. Ernest T. Krebs and his son Dr. Ernst T. Krebs Jr. For research uses they created a purified, synthesized variation of vitamin B-17 and called it Laetrile. Prevalent animal experimentation took put in quite a few laboratories around the region all through the 1950’s and 1960’s with fantastic benefits. Other outstanding physicians and researchers in other nations also started to investigation Laetrile. Dr Hans Nieper of Germany, Dr. Ernesto Contreras of Mexico, and Dr. Manuel Navarro of the Philippines.

By 1973 an American Dr. named Dr. Philip E. Binzel began managing his most cancers patients with Laetrile put together with extra nutritional therapies. Shortly other physicians adopted, Dr. John A. Richardson, CA. and Dr. W. Douglas Brodie, NV. and numerous extra.

Dr. Binzel addressed his sufferers with Laetrile for 20 several years and wrote a reserve documenting his ordeals working with the Laetrile protocol. His e book is named, “Alive and Effectively, ” and you can browse it on-line for no cost.

Historically Laetrile has regretably been subjected to an unfair smear marketing campaign. Generally I am not a conspiracy theorist, but according to the investigation I have accomplished the significant pharmaceutical companies are in mattress with organizations this sort of as the American Most cancers Society, Memorial Sloan-Ketterling, the AMA, the Countrywide Cancer Institute, and even the Food and drug administration. Chemo-treatment prescription drugs are just too successful to tolerate level of competition. The smear campaign has been so extensive and the suppression so full that Laetrile has been largely driven out of this country and into Mexico. Laetrile is pretty substantially illegal in this state. It truly is a Vitamin! The suppression of Laetrile has been documented extensively in a e-book identified as, “Earth Without Cancer,” by G. Edward Griffin.

Laetrile as effectively as apricot kernels can only be bought on the Internet, but it is unlawful to promote or make promises that it cures most cancers. It can only be advertised as a overall health complement.

In Dr. Binzel’s e book, “Alive and Nicely,” he provides the in depth protocol on how he taken care of his cancer individuals and is a should read for everyone thinking of utilizing Laetrile. Also Dr. Ernesto Contreras taken care of his sufferers with Laetrile at his clinic in Mexico, (Oasis of Hope.) The next is a summary of their protocols as properly as the approximate expense for each and every item. Both equally protocols routinely begin with intravenous Laetrile in a medical environment. Nonetheless, for people unable to journey to their clinics, the pursuing is a summary of their protocols utilizing oral Laetrile tablets. Dr. Binzel and Dr. Contreras differ on some matters in the protocol, so I have made observe of the distinctions.

The initially factor that Dr. Binzel addresses with his individuals is their diet program. In simple fact, he has them suitable their diet plan for 2 weeks prior to starting off their remedy to enhance benefits. The diet regime is typically a uncooked food vegan food plan, though vegetable protein these as beans could be cooked.

Phase 1, the to start with 21 days.

Dr. Contreras suggests Laetrile 500 mg. tablets: 2 tablets 3 moments a working day with meals, 6 overall. Charge: $84.00 for 100 count.

Vitamin B-15, (Pangamic Acid,): 1 capsule 3 moments a day at the end of every single meal, 3 total. Cost: $39.95 for 100 depend.

Preven-ca capsules: 1 capsule with every single food, 3 total. Value: $25.20 for 60 count. This is in the Dr. Contreras protocol only.

Megazyme Forte enzyme tablets: 3 tablets two several hours after just about every meal, 9 whole. Value: $16.00 for 90 count. Dr. Binzel has his people acquire only 2 tablets three moments a day, 6 full.

Ester C tablets: 1 capsule 1000 mg. with each and every meal, 3 whole. Expense: $14.99 for 120 rely. Dr. Binzel has his clients develop up to 6000 mg. for each day.

Vitamin A & E emulsion drops: 5 drops in juice or water three moments for every working day. Cost: $34.95 for 60cc, (1200 drops.)

Just Barley Green Juice: 1 teaspoon in juice three moments a working day. Cost: $13.58 for 40 grams. This is in the Dr. Contreras protocol only.

Shark Cartilage: 3 capsules with just about every meal, 9 overall. Price: $15.00 for 300 rely. This is in the Dr. Contreras protocol only.

Vitamin E: One 400- device gel-tab with lunch and 1 with meal. Value: $ $14.95 100 rely.

AHCC (Energetic Hexose Correlated Compound): Two capsules with every single food. Charge: $32.00 for 60 count. This is in the Dr. Contreras protocol only.

Daily Entire liquid multivitamin Nutrient: 1 oz (two tablespoons) at the time day by day with a meal. Essence Health Blend is an excellent supply of the needed vitamins for this protocol as properly, and it features iodine, a necessary nutrient to struggle cancer. Price tag: Essence Wellbeing Mix, $69.95 for a 4- month source.

Apricot kernels: 1 apricot kernel for every 10 lbs of overall body weight. No far more than 6 for every hour or 30-35 per working day is encouraged. Price tag: $12.95 for ½ lb. or 380 kernels. This is in the Dr. Contreras protocol only.

Stage 2, the subsequent 3 months.

Decrease Laetrile 500mg tablets to 4 a working day: 1 pill with every meal, and 1 at bedtime.

Transform Vitamin A & E drops to 10 drops in juice or h2o two times a day. Suspend for 2 months after 3 months of full use which include the to start with 21 times.

Go on the rest of the protocol as directed in Phase 1

The vital to utilizing this protocol productively is to be sure to consider all the recommended nutritional supplements together with the Laetrile. Just about every 1 supports a distinct important perform. For example, the Megazyme Forte supplys enzymes named Trypsin and Chymotrypsin. These enzymes dissolve the protein lining of the cancer mobile enabling white blood cells to attck the most cancers cell. The Megazyme Forte also supplies zinc which transports the Laetrile to all the tissues. All of the vitamins and minerals enhance the immune process making it possible for the body’s purely natural most cancers combating defenses to perform.The apricot kernels have added Vitamin’s B-17 and B-15, as perfectly as other critical enzymes. It is also vital to observe the dietary specifications of this protocol.

There is a clinic in Reno, NV. that presents intravenous Laetrile remedy:

Reno Integrative Medical Middle

Suite B.

6110 Plumas

Reno, NV.

(775) 829-1009


There are numerous clinics in Mexico that also present intravenous Laetrile treatment. Outlined down below is the clinic launched by Dr. Contreras.

Oasis of Hope Clinic

Tijuana, Mexico

(888) 500-4673


Dr. Binzel correctly dealt with many patients making use of this protocol for 20 several years. He is retired now but nevertheless consults with Dr’s. and patients from time to time. His e book, “Alive and Properly,” can be examine on the internet for no cost or you can also get you own copy.

Dr. Ernesto Contreras was nevertheless practising medicine at the age of 88 when he handed absent in 2003. His son Francisco is now the director of Oasis of Hope, the clinic his father established.

Nowadays, much more and much more brave holistic Dr’s. are quietly treating their cancer clients with the Laetrile protocol. Legally it can be prescribed if specified necessities are achieved, (ie. affected individual buys the intravenous Laetrile privately and delivers it to the Dr’s. office environment.) I have been so inspired by equally Dr. Binzel and Dr. Contreras for the reason that they both equally acted on, and devoted their life to their organization conviction that the Laetrile protocol genuinely is an efficient procedure for cancer.

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