May 27, 2024

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Top fitness trends for 2022

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From how, where — and even when — we exercise to how we manage our stress and diet, COVID-19 and its multiple variants have necessitated we all make adaptations in our fitness and wellness routines. 

But as we’ve also learned, the fitness industry is ever evolving to meet the needs of those of us determined to stay in shape in this brave new world. 

So, as we embark on Year 3 of a global pandemic, let’s take a quick look at what experts believe will be some of the most prominent fitness trends in 2022.

Quality over quantity 

There’s an old weight-training mantra that applies here: “Don’t count the reps — make the reps count.” 

Now that so many people are working remotely full- or part-time, gone are the days when they had to set aside a one- or two-hour block of time to exercise.

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