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Tips Before Starting Invisalign Treatments in Surrey B.C. 

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Many of us are born with dental imperfections but we can’t just leave it in such a state, especially when there’s still hope to treat them. Indeed, we have options, though we’re not aware of these because our doubts and hesitations are there. I guess, we just need to learn about what expert help is available and that’s possible if we’ll seek pieces of advice.

We already know that something must be fixed because the problem has been there all along so let’s not ignore it. If you go to Surrey, B.C., then you’ll have all the chances to meet trustworthy orthodontists who can help treat your condition. These people deal with orthodontic care and will provide the most probable treatment that’s specifically tailored to your case.

They now have Invisalign treatments in Surrey and if this is what your condition demands, then you can surely get it. Since this orthodontic opportunity is available in British Columbia, you’re lucky because it’s an effective method when it comes to fixing teeth alignment issues. Therefore, you should find your way to get there and receive the solution you’ve been waiting for.

What’s an Invisalign?

This is a process where clear trays are used to get your upper and lower teeth fitting. Using this will aid in repositioning gently to a better location. Unlike traditional braces made of metal, less discomfort can be experienced.

Invisalign is an ideal method for resolving various dental concerns. This includes crooks, overbites, underbites, gaps, crowdings, open bites, protrusions, etc. Now, if you’re a candidate, then you better consult an orthodontist for your relief.

Who shouldn’t go for the Invisalign method?

Unfortunately, some individuals can’t undergo this process for a few reasons. Though it would have been great to give everybody a chance.

But this isn’t for people with certain situations. Let’s look at those who are discouraged so we can know if we should go to orthodontists.


How long have you been smoking? If you have dental concerns and want Invisalign treatment, then quit smoking. I guess that’s what you’ll need to fix first since it will give you oral and health problems – read https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/services/health-concerns/tobacco/legislation/tobacco-product-labelling/tobacco-oral-disease.html for more info.

So why shouldn’t you invest in this now? It’s because tobacco smoking can lead to discoloration so that’s how your liner would look if you’ll keep the habit. This will only look unattractive, thus, the specialist may give you bits of advice on your first consultation. 

Lacks Determination

When you want something done or would like to make things happen, there must be determination. To do this, you should motivate yourself. Therefore, your willingness will push you to follow instructions.

Bear in mind that there are do’s and don’ts. The specialist will also instruct you on how long you should put on your aligners. If it’s for 20 hours, then do so for best results.


Individuals who are capable of ignoring prescriptions aren’t allowed to integrate this method into their lifestyle. Children should wait until they can understand what this is. When they’re ready and can obey instructions, then they can be allowed.

In this case, they should shift to other alternatives. They can use metal braces as prescribed.

Invisalign and Fixing Overbites: How it Works, Timeline and More

Benefits of Invisalign

  • These are transparent, thus, no matter how you smile, others won’t notice that you’re using them.
  • They’re comfortable to wear since it’s gentle and custom-fit.
  • It’s safe to use, so it won’t be alarming for children who start wearing at 13.
  • Since it’s removable, hygiene can be maintained well.
  • You’ll be able to enjoy the foods you want.
  • Dental alignment problems can be resolved.
  • Requires less visit to your orthodontist at:

PacificWest Dental Surrey – Orthodontist Braces Invisalign

7388 137 St #3, Surrey, BC V3W 1A3, Canada


You have a few things to consider before consulting a specialist for Invisalign treatment. These will help you decide if you’ll go for it or not.

Affecting your Speech

Patients may experience lisp on their first try, but it’s temporary. If the fitting isn’t good, lisps will take longer. So you need to inform your dentist about it – look at this for more details.

It could be noticeable for some individuals. To get rid of this issue, you need to speak frequently. Fixing this would be faster the more you keep talking.  

Pains at Times

Some of you may experience pain, especially in your gums. Of course, that would bring discomfort, so it would make you decide to remove them often. In this case, you might not be able to wear them for a long time when you’ll need them on for about 20 hours.

When this happens, you should go back to your dentist. He needs to pile the sharp edges so your mouth won’t be irritated.


You need to remove them when you’d like to eat. With this on, you should only take water.

Be more cautious when it comes to oral hygiene. Use floss and brush your teeth properly before wearing them. In this way, we can avoid tooth decay.

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