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The Option Cellular Strength (ACE) Pathway – Its Part in Complementary Different Medication (CAM)

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Studies on the body’s protection mechanism towards stealth tailored viruses have delivered crucial perception into a essential mechanism whereby the physique acquires power for mobile features. The system is referred to as the third or choice mobile power (ACE) pathway. Photosynthesis is regarded as the very first mobile power pathway of Nature and food metabolic rate as the second.

The strength used by the ACE pathway is derived from an environmental force termed KELEA (kinetic electrical power limiting electrostatic attraction). It is most likely to correspond to what Nikola Tesla described as a radiant or as an impulse power. The essential part of the kinetic electricity may be to avert the fusion and annihilation of opposing electrical charges. KELEA can act on fluids and other materials, primary to a loosening of hydrogen bonding. KELEA activated h2o exhibits an maximize in molecular kinetic activity measurable as an elevated volatility. Furthermore, the divided electrical expenses in sufficiently activated water can directly soak up KELEA from the natural environment main to even further activation of the drinking water and that of nearby or added drinking water.

Whilst in the beginning determined as a non-immunological protection versus stealth tailored viruses, the ACE pathway has far wider importance in biology. Principally, the ACE pathway is an adjunct to the mobile strength derived from oxidative phosphorylation of food. The typical ordinary each day intake of foods yields around 2,000 Energy. For a 75 Kilogram unique to keep a physique temperature 20oC above the environment requires 1,500 Calories a working day. (The system returns to place temperature inside 24 several hours of dying). This would depart insufficient power from meals metabolism for the numerous mobile functions of the brain, coronary heart, muscle groups and other organs. In other terms, humans and presumably other living creatures are dependent of an more, non-meals resource of mobile electrical power.

A variety of resources can take up KELEA and transfer it to nearby water. A putting characteristic of many of these supplies is their dipolar or multipolar electrical house. It is presumed that the divided electrical prices are attracting KELEA, which may possibly then be produced from specific of these compounds, perhaps in an oscillatory fashion. This thought led to the intriguing possibility that the fluctuating electrical action in the mind and in muscle tissue may possibly provide as an antenna for bringing KELEA into the body. Assist for this hypothesis was obtained by demonstrating a water-activating impact by participants in a laughing yoga course.

The part of the mind as an antenna for KELEA is presumably matter to both of those favourable and negative influences. The latter are likely to involve emotional strain. For specified people today the use of mobile phones or simply just staying under the impact of excessive electromagnetism may negatively influence the proposed antenna perform of their mind. Numerous strains of evidence are consistent with sure generalizations relating to advantageous features of the brain’s electrical action. These include things like I) a choice for alpha wave and even far more so for gamma brain waves, rather than beta brain waves. ii) Mind waves of significant amplitude, which are indicative of a greater membrane potential with significantly less danger of unwarranted depolarization. iii) A reduced all round degree of action, letting the mind to far more quickly restrict its focus to help clarity of imagined, optimism and self-esteem. iv) bigger emphasis on parasympathetic as opposed to sympathetic stimulation. These generalizations are consistent with the greatly touted benefits of optimistic pondering and conscious meditation.

The entire body can create KELEA attracting elements outdoors of the mind. They are termed “ACE pigments” and can acquire as a final result of infections with stealth adapted and other viruses. ACE pigments are electrostatic, once in a while magnetic and can fluoresce, specifically in the presence of sure dyes, including neutral red dye. Tests for ACE pigments in dried perspiration, saliva and urine can supply a indicates of assessing the ACE pathway. Their existence can, therefore, be utilised as an sign for insufficient cellular power.

As reasoned elsewhere, effective homeopathy is likely a misnomer for the administration of KELEA activated water. The water is activated by organic tinctures, which are presumably performing as KELEA absorbing and transmitting compounds. The compounds are largely removed by the progressive dilutions of homeopathic formulations. Mineral rich materials useful for activating h2o involve humic/fulvic acids, zeolites, volcanic rocks, shungite (a product or service from Russia), mica and anhydrous magnesium oxide. The activating product can be eradicated at the time the drinking water is activated, by several usually means including distilling the water or using a zero residue filtration. Indeed, some dipolar compounds can perform with no direct get hold of with the drinking water and merely need to have to be place near by the h2o to be activated.

Broadly dependent wellness added benefits have been attributed to numerous foodstuff merchandise. A key illustration is the leaves of the Moringa oleifera tree. Though commonly spelled out by its loaded supply of vitamins, the major manner of action of Moringa oleifera leaves is probable that of water activation. The expression enerceutical™ was introduced to describe food items in a position to source mobile energy outside of their calorie or micronutrient written content. Analysis by the creator has also put Ashitaba vegetation, cocoa powder and chaga mushroom extract into the h2o-activating grouping of enerceuticals™.

Evolving medical data guidance the benefit of consuming activated drinking water in several medical problems. Official rigorously controlled scientific studies in sufferers with several scientific ailments are now warranted. These diseases are broadly classified as follows:

1. Inadequate oxygen shipping and delivery as in continual obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

2. Impaired blood provide as in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular ailments.

3. Inefficiency of mobile rate of metabolism as, for case in point in diabetic issues.

4. Improved strength demands as in bacterial infections and in wound healing.

5. Deficiency in increased degree mind functions that are not completely supported by food stuff derived metabolic strength.

An interesting chance in this last category is that consuming activated h2o might enhance the brain’s potential to act as its individual antenna for KELEA, in a optimistic feedback mechanism. Progressively, psychiatric people are staying determined as remaining refractory to any reasoned speak treatment or out there psychothropic medicines. Quite possibly they might turn into far more responsive to these modes of remedy if they take in KELEA activated h2o or enerceutical™ foodstuff.

An knowledge of the ACE pathway can also obstacle the presumed method of motion of various alternate therapies. For instance, whilst EDTA based chelation treatment is frequently assumed to function by deleting toxic metals, it may well basically be supplying activated drinking water. Electro-acupuncture bears similarity with the use of electrical stimulation to activate drinking water in the laboratory placing. Intellect entire body medication and meditation, which primarily serve to limit distracting thought procedures, may actually be a means of improving the KELEA antenna perform of the mind. These and connected subjects are talked about in the guide: Stealth Tailored Viruses Choice Mobile Electricity (ACE) & KELEA Activated Drinking water.”

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