May 27, 2024

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The Kayakaya Girls

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The principal form of carrying weighty hundreds in Ghana has customarily been on the heads of the Kayakaya girls – the indigenous “lady porters” – but the query stays why, specified the availability of far more modern-day mechanical suggests for a lot of a long time.

This situation begs the question: is there an possibility to be exploited by the additional entrepreneurial Kayakaya women by embracing technological know-how or a industry for an innovative inventor to make a item for use in this location?

The Kayakaya women are youthful girls who are mainly from the North of Ghana, commonly have dropped out from faculty or have run away from home due to currently being pressured into early marriages. These girls are susceptible with no job potential clients to arrive at their full possible owing to poverty. In look at of their plight, lifetime can be a really complicated period for these women and they experience heaps of dangers, which include bodily and sexual abuse. Yet, these women club jointly to sort a assist community for by themselves.

They see this enterprise as a way of currently being self reliant, so as to acquire their fiscal independence in the metropolis centers. The cause why these ladies can function is for the reason that they can effortlessly maneuver in the chaotic, congested alleys in the town facilities devoid of building a dilemma. They appear to smoothly integrate with the business activities all around them. If wheeled transportation was applied it would lead to severe disruption to buyers and traders.

In the local supermarkets the place buyers have goods in purchasing trolleys it is a distinctive encounter in comparison to the open markets applying the services of the Kayakaya girls.

On the active streets of Accra a person can very easily location center class people today utilizing the providers of Kayakaya girls although shopping in the open up marketplace. The products and services of the these girls are low-priced and quickly and help you to entire and transportation your buying rapidly to your automobile or a taxi at a minimum charge. They have a reputation for honesty and reliability and as a end result they are well-known all around metropolis facilities.

Chance assessment

Most of these Kayakaya girls carry out a rapid danger assessment of their load. They do not have any wellness and protection verify list to do the job with. Nonetheless offered the character of their career 1 would hope that they did have examine lists accessible.They have no health coverage go over for their individual security and protection. Kayakaya ladies are likely to be youthful – less than 40, It is not operate you can do following the prime of existence.

Wellbeing and safety

There appears to be no initial assist level in most open marketplaces. In addition primary wellness schooling is not routinely provided to increase an awareness of the occupational hazards that goes with this variety of business action..

Fears needing to be dealt with.

It would be beneficial to advertise better well being with regards to very good posture and the introduction of posters at bus stops/teach stations in African nations would increase that consciousness.

It would be handy to build the consciousness through the media as to the plight of these ladies in all regional languages.

There is no very first support box readily accessible in open marketplaces in situation of emergency cure currently being required. This is an place well worth checking out.

Standard guide dealing with /lifting instruction would profit these Kayakaya ladies and empower them to know extra about the ergonomics of lifting methods and the essence of health and fitness and protection polices if there are any regionally.

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