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The Difference Between Double Eyelids & Hooded Eyes

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Each person has a unique eye shape, and it varies according to biological, geographical, and cultural differences across the world. The different types of eye shapes include round eyes, almond, downturned, upturned, monolid, double lid, and hooded eyes.

The way the upper eyelid meets the inner corner of the eye deciphers the shape of your eye. While most have heard about the almond, round, deep-set, and up-turned eye shapes, some find difficulty in understanding between double eyelids and hooded eyelids.

Here, we break down the difference between hooded eyes and double eyelids so that you can work with your unique eye shape to enhance your look.

The Difference

The visibility of the upper eyelid crease makes the difference between hooded eyes and double eyelids.

While hooded eyes are caused by excess skin on the upper eyelid, double eyelids don’t have as much fat and skin around the eyes. Therefore, people who have double eyelids have a visible eyelid crease, while hooded eyelids have less visible or no eyelid crease.

Double Eyelids

When the skins of the eye fold over the visible crease area, it gives the appearance of a double-layered structure. This crease divides the eyelid into two parts, hence the name “double lids.” Sometimes, people who have larger eyelids also appear to have double eyelids.

A lot of people started embracing their double eyelids these days as they think double eyelids are unique on their own terms. For people who are agitated with this, there are many makeup hacks available in the market to help them embrace their double eyelid structure. There is also an eyelid surgery option called blepharoplasty to change the appearance of eyelids.

What are Hooded Eyes?

The excess skin folding down from the brow bone to the lash line of eyes causes hooded eyes. The extra skin or fat around the eyes hides the crease and shrinks eyelids making a person look drowsy.

Many people around the globe have this hooded eye shape. Here is how you can identify if you have a hooded eyelid structure. Look into the mirror and check if the skin on your eyelid is covered with the skin under your brows. If it does, then you have hooded eyes.

While some people are born with hooded eyelids, they could also be due to a person’s old age when the skin begins to droop. Some people with hooded eyes may not be able to see their lid when they look straight into a mirror.

Though hooded eyelids don’t cause any harm to your eye structure or visibility under normal conditions, it may affect visibility sometimes. Moreover, women with hooded eyes struggle to apply makeup or have smudged eye makeup.

How to Fix Hooded Eyes?

If you want to fix your hooded eyelids with makeup, you have a lot of tips and tricks available in the market to try.  On the other hand, you also have the choice to have hooded eyelid surgery to make your hooded eyes much enhanced and bigger.

While makeup tricks, eyelid creams, and hooded eyelid surgery cost you time and money, there is a simple, safe, and effective solution to lift your hooded eyelid instantly! It is through the use of eyelid correcting strips.

Eyelid Correcting Strips

Eyelid tape or correcting strips from Contours Rx is an instant, non-surgical method to help lift your hooded eyelids. No matter if you have hooded eyes due to genetic or age, the LIDS BY DESIGN eyelid strips help transform the shape of your eyelid in seconds!

It’s an invisible eyelid correcting strip created by Contours Rx to aid people to transform their look in seconds with bigger, enhanced eyes. The LIDS BY DESIGN eyelid correcting strips lift your hooded eyelids by supporting the excess skin up and back into the eyelid crease and avoid them falling forward.

They support your eyelid for up to 24 hours and come in a variety of sizes to best fit your hooded eye shape. LIDS BY DESIGN Eyelid Correcting Strips are dermatologist-tested and made from high-quality organic, medical-grade materials. They are also hypoallergenic and latex-free.

Therefore, if you want to fix your hooded eyelids with a non-surgical solution, the LIDS BY DESIGN eyelid correcting strips are the best choice!

The Bottom Line

Having double eyelids or hooded eyes is a cosmetic concern that usually doesn’t require eyelid surgery or other medical procedure. Though hooded eyelid surgery may be the best permanent best, it costs thousands of dollars and has its own side effects. So, consult a qualified plastic surgeon and discuss the pros and cons before going for it.

If you feel your eyelids affect your visibility or you’re concerned about an underlying medical condition, speak to a doctor immediately!

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