May 21, 2024

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Reporting guidelines for human microbiome research: the STORMS checklist

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  • The Genomic Standards Consortium and Massive Analysis and Quality Control Society provided feedback and approved the final checklist; C.M., A.R., J.B.D., H.E.J. and L.W. conceived of the checklist; C.M., A.R., J.v.d.W., N.S., C.H., J.B.D., H.E.J. and L.W. developed the initial checklist; C.M., F.Z., S.E., R.A., J.B.D., H.E.J. and L.W. tested the checklist; C.M. and L.W. drafted the manuscript; F.Z.M. created manuscript headings and analytical sample size flowchart figures; C.M. created supplemental tables; A.R., F.Z., S.E., L.G., L.J.K., K.E., J.v.d.W., A.L., F.Z.M., D.A.M., M.A., R.A., F. Beghini, K.B., A.B., J. Bisanz, H.C.B., G.A.B., F. Bushman, D.C., G.C., M.C.C., P.D.C., J.F.C., R.T.D., S.D., E.E., J.F., R.D.F., A.A.F., S.F., A.F., C.F., J.G., E.G., B.H.-K., S. Handley, P.H., S. Holmes, J.P.J., L.K., R.K., D. Knights, O.K., D. Kown, M.L., B.L., D.P.B.M., A.C.M., S.M., N.T.M., L.N., M.O., N.P., E.P., J.R., M.R.R., J.S.E., M.R., R.B.S., P.D.S., L.S., E. Segal, M.S., T.S., E. Smirnova, H.S., J.L.S., S.S., L.B.T., P.J.T., V.U., R.L.W., P.W., G.Z., M.Z., N.Z., N.S., J.B.D., H.E.J. and C.H. provided feedback on the checklist and manuscript; and all authors reviewed and approved the manuscript.

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