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Renew Dental Reviews – Real Support or Fake Ingredients Hype?

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Renew Dental Support claims to be a revolutionary formula that was created following an African gum and teeth-renewing ritual that cements the teeth and improves appearance. This African tribal ritual also helps with flushing out infection and inflammation.

Renew Dental Support is said to rebuild the gums and rejuvenate the teeth. It manufacturer points out that it’s a supplement made with natural ingredients that are backed by years of studies (1, 2) on oral health.

Many people depend on very expensive surgeries and treatments that are unhealthy when it comes to their teeth. However, Renew Dental Support promises to come and change that, seeing that it acts as a powerful and natural detoxifying dental cleaner. To get the maximum results, one must use it every day. The product is manufactured in a GMP and FDA-certified facility and doesn’t feature any GMO ingredients.

Who Created Renew Dental Support?

Renew Dental Support is created by James Davis, a 51-year-old man from Baltimore, Maryland, where he has been living with his wife Jolene for about 20 years so far. James has studied many cultures throughout his career as an anthropologist. He says that he’s been passionate about how humans were functioning ever since the beginning of times, and especially as far as their health goes. Besides, he claims that he always made parallels between life in the past and life today.

The story of Renew Dental Support begins when James, after not going to the dentist for almost a lifetime, decided to finally get his teeth checked. At the dentist, he was informed that he has ignored oral hygiene for too long and that he needs to have tooth extractions, root canal procedures, and even a surgery that involves clipping his tongue. The cost of all this was somewhere between $15,000 to $20,000, and James’ insurance was covering only $1,000 of it all. Besides, the surgeries he was supposed to go through were all known to take forever and to involve a lot of testing.

But James was lucky to have a good doctor who informed him about what he can do to avoid all the costly situations enumerated above. The first thing James had to do was to make sure he brushes and flosses regularly. The surprise arrived, though, when the dentist told James about some unique and powerful ingredients that when mixed and applied on the teeth and gums every day can make miracles for oral health.

How Does Renew Dental Support Work?

To better understand how Renew Dental Support works, one must know better how the teeth get damaged. When teeth fungus (3) starts to enter the gums and the teeth, the process of corrosion starts, and not even the most advanced or expensive treatments can stop it (4). Besides, it starts to multiply every day, affecting the nose and the throat too. The fungus plaque can be eliminated only when knowing it’s there, which usually happens when the swelling and the bleeding appear.

Periodontitis is a disease that causes advanced infection, severe inflammation, and in the end, the loss of teeth (5). The foods people consume every day are filled with poisonous and toxic ingredients that don’t only affect oral health, but the overall health as well.

Saliva helps to break such toxic and harmful substances from foods so that they no longer enter the body. Luckily, it also protects the gums and teeth because it cleans them and eliminates the bacterial colonies formed. Moreover, saliva supports the oral tissues with the help of the powerful minerals that it contains. On the other hand, saliva’s efficacy is usually reduced by the many toxins present in foods nowadays. This means it can no longer provide the protection it is meant to provide, and the use of a supplement such as Renew Dental Support becomes necessary for the gums and the teeth to remain healthy.

Renew Dental Support’s manufacturer claims that this product contains just the right ingredients that can neutralize the toxins and chemicals present in foods. This product is also advertised as being a cleaner for saliva. Below are the main steps in which Renew Dental Support works when used every day and as indicated by its manufacturer.

Fast Stabilization

As soon as ingested, the Renew Dental Support pill starts working to stop inflammation, pain, and bleeding of the gums by tightening them.

Complete Cleanse

For Step 2, Renew Dental support starts to cleanse and detoxify the harmful chemicals that have been taken in the body from food.

Rapid Reconstruction

This is the Step in which the supplement helps to rejuvenate and rebuild the teeth, the jawbones, and the gums.

Perfect Defense

Finally, Renew Dental Support begins to shield one’s dental health from any other dangerous toxic substances, preventing tooth decay.

What Are the Ingredients in Renew Dental Support?

Below are Renew Dental Support’s ingredients and their benefits for oral health.

Vitamin A

Oral problems may occur because of several mild and severe vitamin A deficiencies (6). Such deficiencies have been linked to reduced oral epithelial development, tooth formation problems, periodontitis, and enamel hypoplasia.

Vitamin C

The importance of vitamin C in preserving the health of gums and teeth has never been questioned. Now, clinical data (7) suggests that vitamin C improves host defense mechanisms and is therefore linked to periodontal health preservation. For deficient intakes, it has beneficial benefits for periodontal health.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important for tooth and bone mineralization (8), so when its levels are not regulated, the result might be the “rachitic tooth,” a hypo mineralized and deficient organ prone to decay and fracture.

Vitamin E

Dentists usually advise patients to use this vitamin for treating a variety of dental issues, including gum disease. For example, using Vitamin E on the afflicted areas helps relieve discomfort and enhance the appearance of injured gums (9).

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is a crucial component for dental and oral health, despite being overshadowed by Vitamin D3 and Calcium. K2, which is mostly present in animal products, aids in the equilibrium of the oral microbiota, prevents cavities and promotes remineralization.

B Complex, B1, B2, Niacin, Biotin, B12, and the Others

Vitamin B Complex helps to keep the oral cavity from becoming irritated. These vitamins aid in the prevention of cracked lips, irritation of the gums and mouth, and tongue inflammation. B vitamins also help to prevent gum disease.

Folic Acid

Preventing tooth decay in young children requires a well-balanced diet balanced with folic acid intake.


Calcium assists to enhance dental health by strengthening teeth and making them more resistant to oral bacteria. This compound functions as a remineralization agent of dental enamel, which means it helps with the healing of bacteria-caused damage. The more calcium is consumed, the stronger the teeth grow to be (10).


Because of its antiseptic characteristics, iodine has long been utilized in medicine, but it is now being employed in dentistry as well. When it comes to reducing tooth decay and preventing gum disease, Iodine is currently thought to be more effective than fluoride.


Magnesium is an essential element for general and oral health since it aids in the formation of strong bones and teeth.


Zinc has significant biological significance. It is produced by the body and in the oral cavity at several locations such as dental hard tissues, dental plaque, and saliva. Zinc (11) is useful against common oral health issues such as dental cavities, gingivitis, bad breath, and periodontitis.

Some of the other ingredients in Renew Dental Support are Iron, Phosphorus, Selenium, Copper, Manganese, Chromium, Molybdenum, Potassium, Chloride, and Boron. All these additional ingredients each have their role in promoting good oral health.

Renew Dental Support Benefits

To sum up, here are the most interesting benefits Renew Dental Support offers, according to its manufacturer:

  • It gets rid of the inflammation and infection in the mouth
  • Helps with the healing and regeneration of teeth.
  • It’s a low-cost, easy-to-use, and safe way to get healthier, whiter teeth.
  • It works for everyone, regardless of the severity of the infection of teeth
  • It works for everyone, regardless of the severity of the infection of teeth. Fights foul breath, black cavities, yellow stains, and bleeding gums
  • Helps to eliminate advanced periodontal disease.
  • Gives people the confidence to speak and smile because their teeth are brighter and stronger.
  • Thousands of users have reported positive results using it, and no side effects

Where to Buy Renew Dental Support?

Renew Dental Support will always be available for sale on the product’s official website and never at Amazon, GNC, or local pharmacies. Its prices online are:

  • 1 Renew Dental Support bottle for $69
  • 3 Renew Dental Support bottles at $177
  • 6 Renew Dental Support bottles for $294

Payments can be made via PayPal and credit or debit card. There’s FREE US shipping for all packages on offer. The product comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. To claim this guarantee, the customer can contact ClickBank support, as Renew Dental Support is sold through ClickBank.

Physical Returns Address:

PO Box 1079, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062, US

Act Now and Purchase Renew Dental Support Today!

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