November 30, 2023

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Remove tartar, improve gum health with an ultrasonic toothbrush

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From the day I had all of my adult teeth to the day I got my braces off when I was 16, I had great teeth. They were pearly white, strong, and I only ever had one cavity.

I always took great care of my teeth because my parents told me that I had to. I brushed, I flossed, and I visited the dentist regularly even though I hated every second of it.

After I had my second child in my late 20s, my oral health slowly started to deteriorate.

It wasn’t that I was doing anything different, I still brushed them at least twice a day, but they weren’t nearly as healthy, and the cavities started adding up.

I spoke with my doctor and dentist about the concerns I was having with my oral health and my doctor put together a health plan. My dentist recommended that I switch from a regular toothbrush to an ultrasonic toothbrush among other things like flossing and switching to a toothpaste made for sensitive teeth.

Thankfully, with a new dental plan in place, I began to see my oral health start to head in the right direction again.

One of the main components to the improvements that I was seeing was the ultrasonic toothbrush that I added to my daily and nightly routine, and I still use one to this day.

If you’re looking to improve your dental health this coming year, a good place to start is upgrading your toothbrush.

With so many advancements in toothbrushes over the last decade, there’s plenty to choose from. A great option is the AquaSonic Black Series Toothbrush & Travel Case With 8 Dupont Brush Heads.

This powerful toothbrush will remove up to 10 times more plaque from your teeth — and right now you can grab one for just $39.99.

What the AquaSonic Black Series Toothbrush Can Do For Your Teeth

This sleek toothbrush is not like your average soft-bristle plastic toothbrush that you get from the local store; instead, it takes cleaning your teeth to the next level with its powerful 40,000 VPM motor.

Not only can this toothbrush remove ten times more plaque than an average toothbrush, but it can also improve your gum health in as little as one week.

If your teeth have some staining from coffee, tea, wine, or smoking, and you’re looking to brighten up your smile, the VPM motor on the Aquasonic Toothbrush also helps to dissolve stains created by certain food and drinks, and whitens your teeth simultaneously.

You’ll also be happy to learn that this sonic toothbrush is ADA-approved and guaranteed to be safe and effective so you can brush with confidence.

A Customized Brushing Experience

An image of a toothbrush on teeth, brushing and flossing at the same time
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Not all teeth and mouths are created the same… so why would you want to use a toothbrush that isn’t right for your teeth?

The AquaSonic Black Series Toothbrush takes care of that by offering you the ability to customize the settings so your teeth are getting the care they need, the way they need it.

The different modes that you have to choose from are soft, whiten, massage, and cleaning mode so you can personalize your experience for what your teeth really need at that time.  Maybe you clean and whiten in the morning and clean and massage at night — the choice is yours!

Even better, if you have sensitive teeth or gums, the soft option is a great choice to have.

This set also comes with 8 Dupont brush heads so you don’t have to worry about replacing them down the line.

Who Benefits From An AquaSonic Toothbrush?

Everyone that has teeth can benefit from using an AquaSonic Toothbrush.

According to Healthline, not only can poor oral health lead to dental disease, but also to several other serious health problems including heart conditions, sinus problems, diabetes, and even low birth weight.

That’s why your teeth deserve to be well-cared-for and an electric toothbrush is considered one of the best ways to do that along with regular trips to the dentist’s office.

And let’s face it — not a lot of people like to visit the dentist, so the better you take care of your teeth and gums, the less time you have to spend in that dreaded dentist chair.

How Much Does It Cost?

A set of black toothbrush heads and an electric toothbrush
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If you’re thinking that this toothbrush sounds expensive, you’re not wrong. With all these amazing features and benefits, you would think it would be hundreds of dollars…but fortunately, it’s not!

Regularly $189, right now you can get the AquaSonic Black Series Toothbrush & Travel Case With 8 Dupont Brush Heads for just $39.99.

That amazingly low price includes the AquaSonic brush handle, charging dock, 8 Dupont brush heads and an owner’s manual. You also get a handy traveling case so you never have to leave your favorite toothbrush at home when you travel.

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