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Protein Treatment: Everything You Need to Know

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Protein Treatment: Everything You Need to Know

We tend to forget the importance of protein in our skincare routines. Indeed, the hair also needs proteins to strengthen the hair fiber, and prevent and stop breakage. Do not have the time to go to the salon for the treatment or do the procedure at your home yourself? Don’t worry! You can book hair treatment services at home cost-effectively and with a 100% guarantee.

What Is a Protein Treatment?

The goal of protein treatment is to strengthen fragile and damaged hair and make it more elastic. It rebuilds the hair follicles and thus makes them stronger. You should know that an excess of protein can also make the hair coarse and brittle, which is why you should book the best hair treatment services.

Why Do Your Hair Need Protein Treatment?

Let’s start by understanding what proteins are from a scientific point of view. Proteins are the main building blocks of all cells in the human body. They are part of the composition of muscles, skin, blood, and hair!

keratin is a natural protein, which is made up of amino acids. This protein makes it possible to manufacture integuments, that is to say, hairs, nails, and hair. It does not regenerate during the life of the hair, so it is important to keep it in good health. Its role is to protect the hair from external aggressions. However, the more you expose your hair to aggressions, the less it contains keratin. Therefore, it is vital to protect your hair upstream and apply care to repair it.

The ability of proteins to penetrate the hair cortex can help strengthen weak and brittle hair to some extent.

Where Do the Proteins Used in Hair Care Come From?

The proteins can be of plant origin (such as spirulina, wheat, soy) or animal origins such as eggs, milk, or collagen. Vegetable keratin found in cosmetics is a mixture of vegetable proteins (rice, moringa, wheat, arginine) to reproduce the keratin constituting the hair.

A distinction between proteins is that some can be absorbed in the hair and some proteins that act on the surface. Depending on their moisturizing power (ability to capture ambient humidity), they can attract and retain more or less moisture in the hair, which will increase its resilience and flexibility.

The Effects of Protein on the Hair

Proteins have several qualities; they will fill in the gaps in the hair fiber, strengthen them and fight against breakage. They are also used to maintain the hair’s elasticity and balance the level of hydration and proteins present in the cortex of the hair.

Proteins do not hydrate, nor do they nourish the hair. They act in a targeted manner on damaged areas. Weakened hair regains its shine, and damaged hair regains flexibility. If you have dead and damaged hair, book hair treatment services for guaranteed repairing and rejuvenation.

Important Signs That Your Hair Need Protein Care?

Here are some important signs that indicate your hair needs protein treatment:

Extremely Weakened Hair

If your hair is brittle, fragile, split, limp, lacking elasticity, these are signs of a lack of protein. Applying a protein mask once a week will be necessary during the treatment. Also, remember to cut your ends because no care will repair them because it is dead hair.

Apply protein milk or leave-in between these protein cures, alternating with a moisturizing styler.

Leave-in is leave-in styling treatments. They, therefore, have time to penetrate the cortex of the hair to treat it in depth. It is, therefore, the perfect accomplice for your protein cures!
To avoid further damage, people with extremely weakened hair should only book professional hairstyling services in Lahore.

Damaged Hair

As explained above, hair is mainly composed of natural proteins. They, therefore, need a protein intake on a routine basis to be revitalized. Protein treatments are good for restoring keratin in damaged textured hair, relaxed hair, brittle hair, and hair in transition to naturalness to strengthen it from the inside and repair it.

Getting protein treatment services in Lahore can help you recover the damaged hair fiber in a few weeks. Preferably, a one-month protein cure will be necessary if you feel that your hair is damaged or even very damaged (high porosity, very brittle hair, etc.).

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