November 29, 2023

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Michigan Medicine Nurses not mandated to get COVID vaccine

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Last December, the Michigan Nurses Association voted to ratify a one-year extension to their previous collective bargaining agreement with Michigan Medicine. The agreement, which included a stipulation that nurses are not required to be vaccinated against COVID-19, covers all 6,200 nurses in the University of Michigan Professional Nurse Council Independent Union and will expire in June 2022.

According to the new agreement, “subject to Federal and State requirements and guidelines for distribution priority, the Employer will provide the COVID-19 vaccination at no cost to the employees and on a voluntary basis.”

The University’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate announced in July by University President Mark Schlissel does not apply to nurses at Michigan Medicine due to the terms in their collective bargaining agreement. The provisions of the agreement allow nurses to negotiate a vaccine mandate and though it encourages vaccination, it doesn’t require it. 

Students, health care workers talk Michigan Medicine nurses’ exemption from vaccine requirement

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