June 19, 2024

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Meditate with Urmila: A positive perspective on karma

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We attract people, circumstances, situations in our life not only from the inner state of our being, but also when we have to learn some unfinished lessons. Sometimes, some situations throw us off-guard, even when we feel aligned, are in the best of moods and are enjoying the flow of life. Not talking about the small upsets, but something that presents itself in quite a challenging way, be it with regard to health or finances, career or relationships or even in questioning the self- existence amidst the rough and tumble of life.

Do you note that challenging situations come as a guiding point to indicate that these lesson/s are to be learnt? That they are still awaiting completion in the continuum of your eternal life?

Some term this phenomenon as karma, with the declaration that a tough situation has surfaced as a punishment that has ‘fallen’ on them. ‘I must have done something wrong in my past life’, a cliched thought comes up instantly. Isn’t it? This thought itself puts one in the state of helplessness and self-judgement.

If one were to change their perspective to digest this idea, that the situation which has surfaced, and seems as ‘bad’, isn’t really bad, but packs in growth opportunities?

For example, if I have been denied a lucrative job offer, perhaps that isn’t bad news after all! Maybe it wasn’t meant for me, maybe I am cut out do a different job being better at that, maybe I have to develop some skills still, maybe a better opportunity is around the corner which I don’t see yet, maybe I am meant to start my own business, maybe I am to meet someone at a different job; any or more probability can hold true, and within your heart, you’d know what holds true for ‘you’.

Any event that seems ‘bad’ isn’t a karmic ‘fallout’/ a punishment, but a guidance to teach lesson(s) that you need to learn or needed to learn, may be of emotional independence or to learn how to say no (healthy boundaries), or any other. And so within this new perspective, you could rise up to thank the event which ‘seems’ awful.

Do know that all pieces will come together, sooner or later, to complete the big picture. All you have to do is to put faith in the positive aspect of that event.

Change the perspective

What if the situation that you find yourself in, has been designed for your growth? Consider this analogy; you have a math equation to solve, the ‘x’ looks difficult and entangled for the first time you see it (till you solve it). You approach step-by-step in deciphering the ‘x’; moving back and forth, taking a step back or a leap forward, till you eventually solve it. The template is the same for the equation of life.

Isn’t there is a sense of elation when you solve a problem, feeling satisfied with your creative output? Let’s for a moment imagine that you were given the solution along with the problem. Would you have felt motivated to work through the steps? Would you have felt the thrill of arriving at the solution? Would you pride yourself at your ability in solving it? Would you have felt the adventure? Would you have learnt how to push your creativity, mental girth?

How about seeing a tough situation as an opportunity that has presented itself for your growth?

Trust that none of the tough situations has ‘befallen’ or has come vaguely or randomly without purpose. There’s an order and purpose to events. What is termed as (bad) karma is a chance offered to complete a learning. In this vein, know that you are doing your own work, pending from this lifetime or the past, and that you are not fulfilling anyone else’s karmic destiny. No one is. All your pleasures and learnings are yours to reap, harvest, enjoy.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own, and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her website is: www.karmicwellness.in Email: [email protected]


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