May 24, 2024

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Kim Kardashians “Plant-Based Morning” Is Giving Us Major Healthy Eating Goals

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Kim Kardashian enjoys a massive fan following from all over the world. Apart from being a fashionista, she is known for her envious hourglass figure. And, it’s pretty evident that she eats healthy and follows some strict diet plans. Kim Kardashian also prefers to have a nutritious meal right the first thing in the morning. How do we know this? She has shared a picture of her plant-based morning meal and it screams healthy from miles away. Her colourful meal featured sliced fruits like bananas and mangoes along with one other fruit – all cut to perfection. We could also spot what appears to be granola, on the side – all of it topped with seeds. For the caption, she wrote, “Plant-based morning,” and added a plant emoji. 

Take a look:

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If you think Kim Kardashian’s morning meal inspired you to kickstart your day on a healthy note likewise, it’s time to switch to a healthy eating plan. Start with these five indulgent and healthy breakfast bowl recipes.

1) Banana peanut oatmeal bowl

This healthy breakfast bowl carries the taste of oats, chia seeds and pumpkin seeds along with bananas of course. Also, the usage of peanut butter and hazelnut spread makes it all the more enticing. Apart from all this, if you like it sweet, pour some honey and you are good to go.   

2) Cranberry wellness bowl

As the name suggests, the cranberry wellness bowl is brimming with vegetables like lettuce, corn kernels, and chickpeas. You can either choose to have it in the morning or anytime when you want to savour a light meal.    

3) Oatmeal, yoghurt and fruit breakfast medley

Being able to gorge on a healthy breakfast is no less than a blessing. Oatmeal, yoghurt and fruit-rich breakfast is the best thing to have early in the morning every day. A healthy combination of oats, fruits and nuts make for a heavenly delight.   

4) Chocolate acai bowl

This breakfast recipe will surely please the chocolate lovers out there. You just need a few ingredients to make this. Take fresh berries, granola, crunchy nuts and seeds along with delicious cocoa for the flavour. Don’t forget to drizzle some honey on your chocolate acai bowl before digging in it.    

5) Banana and almond porridge

This is a traditional oats recipe for all the ones looking for healthy breakfast options. You just need fifteen minutes to prepare this. So, even when you don’t have much time in the morning, you can simply use chia seeds, oats, bananas and loads of nuts and dry fruits to prepare this.  

Hope these recipes help you in planning out a delicious, quick and healthy breakfast for yourself.

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