April 24, 2024

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It’s a Beauty Evolution at Lavish Lounge

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Everyone is welcome to stop by Lavish Lounge this Saturday for Beauty Evolution, a collaborative event meant to showcase North Bay businesses and show some appreciation for their loyal customers.

Lavish Lounge is located at 905 Cassells Street, and the event runs from 10 a.m. until 2.00 p.m. “It’s a VIP customer appreciation party,” explained Lavish Lounge founder, Ashley Cleverdon, “with an amazing group of local vendors.”

Luxurious Laser and Cosmetics, which shares space in the Lavish Lounge, will be there, as will representatives from local businesses including Pathways Wellness Clinic, Green Medicine, and Exposxre photography.

“We are so excited to show what we have to offer,” Cleverdon said, “from beauty to holistic health, to photo shoots, to cosmetics and foot care,” the event is intended to introduce clients to other businesses they might be interested in.

Visitors can also “learn different health and beauty tips and tricks from various local vendors” and will have “a chance to win one of our amazing prizes.” There are two door prizes, and $20 will get you one of 50 keys that give the holder a chance to open a treasure chest full of prizes.

There is an actual treasure chest, and the keys are real as well. If it opens for you, prepare to bask in the booty of $500 in gift certificates from participating vendors. Half of the profits raised will be donated to the food bank, and the other half will go into future events.

Indeed, Cleverdon wants to host similar events in the future, perhaps even every three months or so. The idea is to provide a great day for regular and new clients and help build bridges within the city’s health and beauty community “to support each other.”

Cleverdon’s goal of opening her own business was helped along with guidance and support from the Indigenous Friendship Centre, and in 2019 she opened her doors to clients. The past years have been difficult ones to struggle through for small businesses, a struggle Cleverdon was not exempt from during the pandemic.

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It was a tough go during the lockdowns, “a struggle” for sure, and part of the motivation for this Beauty Evolution event is “to show that we’ve all made it through,” those difficult times. “We want to support each other and give back to our clients who have been so loyal to us.”

The event is open to all, and no appointments are required. “It’s definitely a drop in,” Cleverdon said, “so come by and say hello.”

“It’s going to be good, and the clients are so excited for this event.”


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