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How to Safely Blow Dry Your Hair Like A Pro

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When you try to blow dry your hair at home, it’s crucial to understand how to do it correctly. You can create the look of salon-quality blow-dried hair at home while preserving your hair’s natural smoothness with a little practice and the correct supplies, such as heat protection spray/creme, Gama Professional Blow Dryer, comb, etc.

Follow These Steps to Safely Blow Dry Your Hair


Towel Dry Your Hair before Using Hair Dryer

You must remove as much water as possible from your hair before you begin blow-drying. The blow-drying process removes the water that the strands absorb during the washing, and a high temperature is required when the hair is too wet. Too much heat is harmful to your hair, and that is why it is preferable to blow-dry your hair after gently drying it with a towel.


Use Heat Protection Serum

Utilizing a heat protection agent is the best approach to stop heat damage. However, even with heat protection serum, there is a danger that using high heat can harm your hair. Most heat protection products provide a range of protection from 350°F to 450°F.

Check your heat protection product levels and pay attention to the setting you select for your blow dryer. High-quality hair conditioners such as  Lak 2 instant hair conditioner conditions and protect your hair from becoming too dry.


Don’t Use Excessive Hot Air

It may be quicker to blow dry your hair in the hottest setting, but it’s bad for your hair. Depending on your hair type, you should change the heat and airflow settings.

Low to medium heat settings are best for fine and thin hair. A higher heat setting is alright for thicker hair. Regardless of the heat setting you choose, make sure to end with a burst of cold air. Top hair dryers such as Gama Hair Dryer come with various heat settings to give you the perfect finish without damage.


Use the Right Hair Dryer Accessories

Hair looks unpolished when the wrong nozzle and brush are used. Use the accessories that came with the blow dryer you are currently using. Each hair dryer has unique requirements and features, and the dryer’s included nozzles are the finest.

Some dryers don’t provide you with the precise control you require to maintain the health of your hair. A Gama IQ Professional Hair Dryer, which does wonders to prevent hair breakage, is one of the greatest hair dryers you could invest in.


Blow Dry Hair in Sections

When using a hairdryer, create sections in your hair and clip each section away until you’re ready to dry that particular area. Take smaller sections of hair starting at the neckline to blow dry. To prevent over-drying one spot, move the hairdryer in sweeping motions.

By separating your hair, you may finish with a more professional appearance and save drying time. And don’t forget to use an enriching conditioner such as Lak 2 instant hair conditioner after washing your hair.


Use Fluid Motions while Blow-drying Your Hair

People often turn their heads upside down while haphazardly waving the dryer into their hair. The problem is you are working against the hair with this motion and creating knots.

This may provide beautiful texture with shorter hairstyles like the pixie, but it can also damage hair down to the roots over time. Instead, part your hair with your fingertips and use the nozzle to blow dry while moving the dryer in a fluid motion.

You reduce the likelihood of developing a tangle by moving the hair in one smooth motion in its natural state. Remember that your hair roots are delicate and might break off if you overwork them.


Completely Dry Your Hair

Once you begin blow-drying your hair, you must not stop midway. If your hair is frizzy and flat, the excess moisture is not completely removed by the hair dryer. For optimal results, let your hair dry for an additional few minutes until it is at room temperature.

You can finish the process more quickly if you have the necessary equipment, such as a high-pressure hairdryer and a good brush. Gama IQ Professional Hair Dryer offers the optimal speed settings to blow dry your hair in an excellent way.

Preparing and sectioning your hair correctly before turning on the dryer is the secret to successful at-home blow drying. Don’t worry if sectioning your hair and balancing a blow dryer and round brush seem overwhelming at first. You will be able to blow dry your hair like a pro in no time with the correct equipment and some practice.



Should I blow dry wet hair or dry hair?

When overly wet or too dry, hair is blow-dried, it can be easily damaged by heat and become dull. The easiest technique to get the look you desire with the least amount of damage is to blow dry damp hair. It is preferable to towel dry your hair before subjecting it to heat from your blow dryer.


How long does it take to blow dry hair?

Depending on your hair condition, hair thickness, and intended style, blow drying takes a different amount of time for every person. Longer and thicker hair often needs more time to dry. For short hair, a quick blow dry should take 5 to 10 minutes, whereas long, coarse, and curly hair would require 15 to 30 minutes. If you desire to blow dry your hair in curly or wavy styling, or if you want to use additional heat tools to complete your style, you will need more time.


Can I blow dry my hair with cold air?

Hot air blow drying is quicker than cold air blow drying, and it’s a good method to switch up your look. However, colder air seals the hair cuticle for a smooth and lustrous finish and helps your style last longer. This is why it’s frequently advised to blow dry your hair with hot air first, followed by cool air. 


Should I blow dry my hair with a hair dryer every day?

Any heat is damaging to hair. Therefore, it’s not a good idea to use a blow dryer every day. Regular exposure to heat damages hair by removing its natural oils, drying out the cuticle, and resulting in breakage and frizz. You should use your blow dryer 3 to 5 times a week.

It is better to spend a little more time carefully sectioning your hair and using a round brush to dry each section instead of rough drying your hair daily.

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