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How To Kill Uber Andariel In Diablo 4 Season 4? – Location & Best Builds & Combat Tips

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How To Kill Uber Andariel In Diablo 4 Season 4? – Location & Best Builds & Combat Tips

In Diablo 4 Season 4, you will face a boss that is very difficult to defeat, like Duriel – Uber Andariel. So you need to be well prepared so that you can fight it easily.

This guide will cover how to summon and defeat Uber Andariel in Diablo 4 Season 4, as well as the best builds you can use for each class to fight against Uber Andariel. When you have everything equipped, you can defeat Uber Andariel and earn Diablo 4 Gold more easily.

Where Can You Find Andariel?

Just like other endgame bosses, you must clear the monsters before you can reach Andariel’s altar in the dungeon. Once there, you need to place the summoning materials to summon the boss.

  • Sandscorched Shackles (×2)
  • Pincushioned Dolls (×2)

Where Can You Find Sandscorched Shackles?

To obtain this summoning material, you need to summon and defeat Lord Zir in Darkened Way Dungeon. After each defeat of Lord Zir, you will receive a Sandscorched Shackle, so you need to do the boss station twice to get enough.

Where Can You Find Pincushioned Dolls?

To obtain this material, you need to go to Gaping Crevasse Dungeon and then defeat Beast in Ice. Just like Lord Zir, you need to defeat Beast in Ice twice to receive two Pincushioned Dolls, which can perform the operation of summoning Andariel.

It should be noted that you will only receive these Diablo 4 items in World Tier 4. Even if you encounter Lord Zir and Beast in Ice in World Tier 3, you will not pick up the summoning materials after defeating them.

Preparing For Battle Against Uber Andariel

As Uber Andariel is World Tier 4 endgame boss in Diablo 4 Season 4, it goes without saying that you must be level 100 to defeat it. While gathering materials is possible to defeat it, it is also very tedious, so forming a team or clan is the best way to deal with this battle.

For the equipment you need, it is recommended that you balance Attack and Armor in the battle to ensure that you increase your tankiness. Andariel has a habit of using her poison novas a lot, so before the battle, don’t forget to bring some potions to increase your resistance to poison.

How To Defeat Uber Andariel?

The most important strategy for defeating Uber Andariel in Diablo 4 is to stay away from her AoE attacks at all costs and use your AoE actions in sequence to cause continuous damage. She has a lot of new moves to watch out for. Here’s what they are and how to deal with them:

  • Poison Nova: A classic move by Andariel in Diablo 2, where he shoots a blob of poison over a small area. Make sure to avoid it and keep applying pressure on the attack.
  • Statues of Anguish: As each stage of the health bar passes, Andriel will summon Idols of Agni around the area. Stop all action and destroy it. The statue fires a powerful beam that significantly reduces HP.
  • Fire and Lightning Attacks: In addition to the statue, it also deploys swirling fire beams and lightning beams. Don’t forget to dodge everything before attacking.
  • 20% Health: Upon reaching the final stage of the battle, Andriel will summon a two-way spinning beam. Precise movement is required to avoid them. One of them is a massive attack, so try to avoid it completely.

Also, if you have chief defense, take advantage of it and attack her with whatever you have. If you’re brave enough, you might just wipe it out before you know it.

Best Build To Beat Uber Andariel

The best build to beat Uber Andariel in Diablo 4 Season 4 is Thorns Barbarian and Heartseeker Rogue, but that doesn’t mean the other classes are useless. There are some strong options.

Barbarian – Thorns

The best Barbarian build to fight Uber Andariel is Thorns Barbarian. This build helps Barbarians change up some of their melee style, and it’s one of the easiest builds to master.

Thorns Barb has one of the highest single target damage in the game, which is very beneficial when you’re fighting bosses like Andariel. To put the icing on the cake, you might also consider using Razorplate Unique, which will give your Thorns the potential to do even more damage.

Rogue – Heartseeker

Heartseeker Rogue is probably the easiest build to get started with this class, mainly because it has a simpler kit and only needs to focus on casting one skill repeatedly. The passive skill “Victim” allows you to deal massive amounts of damage to a single target, which is why it’s the best build to defeat Super Andariel.

But it is not without its drawbacks. The only drawback is that you need to make sure your equipment rolls are optimized to get value.

Necromancer – Bone Spirit

According to Necromancer players who have played against Uber Andariel before, Minions are very difficult to counter her build, even though this build is considered one of the best builds this season by players. Therefore, you can consider Bone Spirit Necromancer as an alternative build.

Bone Spirit Necromancer is also one of the better builds in Diablo 4 Season 4. The tremendous damage can make the single target you are fighting disappear easily. And it is combined with Aspect of Swelling Curse, Bone Spirit Necromancer will become even more deadly.

Sorcerer – Fire Bolt

Fire Bolt Sorcerer is a build that deals high damage to a single target, which is great for players who want to fight against Uber Andariel. The downside to this build is that it is difficult to survive, so you need to make sure you deal as much damage as possible when your defensive skills are not active.

You can combine Flameweaver Unique with Fire Bolt Sorcerer to increase your damage to the target even more, and also make your attack speed faster, which can save you time against Uber Andariel.

Druid – Tornado

Tornado Druid is also rated as one of the strongest builds of the season by players, and this is still a very suitable build for difficult boss fights. However, this build is heavily gear-dependent, so make sure you have Tempest Roar equipped when fighting against Uber Andariel.

The gameplay of Tornado Druid is also very easy to master, but you need to be aware that Tornado behavior may be inconsistent when you use it. In addition, you need to make sure you have Vigorous Aspect equipped to increase your resistance defense.

Do you feel more confident after understanding the complete process of defeating Uber Andariel? I hope you can fight Uber Andariel better no matter what class you are in. I wish you a happy game!

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