June 18, 2024

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How to Get Great Sleep

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There are so many things that can alter your sleep. You can, however, control some of these things. For instance, drinking too much alcohol, daily smoking, physical inactivity, and even obesity can affect your sleep quality. 

If you cannot get comfortable at night, you can see a physical therapist. Once the physical therapist finishes the evaluation, they can recommend a treatment plan for your specific goals and needs. 

You can begin with good sleep hygiene. If you can get enough sleep, it can improve your health. If you need to get enough sleep, you need to put in enough effort during the day and just before your bedtime. 

Here are some of the things you can do to improve your sleep quality: 

During the Day

1. Exercise 

Exercising during the day can help you get enough sleep. Once your doctor clears you, you can try to do 150 minutes of exercise every week. 

Looking for the best exercises for your abilities and needs? Talk to your physical therapist. They can recommend the best exercises for you. 

2. Sunlight 

Sleep disorders can occur due to a lack of Vitamin D. You can, therefore, spend some time outside during the day. Increase your sunlight exposure to improve your sleep quality. 

3. Do Not Nap 

Adults should take 20 minutes naps. It is even better to stop napping. 

4. Avoid Smoking 

Do not smoke 2 to 3 hours before you go to bed. It is even better to avoid smoking. 

5. Limit Your Alcohol Consumption 

If you want to drink alcohol in the evening, do not take too much alcohol. 

6. Do Not Take Caffeine in the Afternoon 

Caffeine can keep you awake at night since it is a stimulant. You can become more alert after taking caffeine. It can disrupt your sleep since you will wake up at night to use the toilet. 

7. Get Enough Sleep 

You will need to sleep for more than seven hours every night.

8. Have a Sleep Schedule 

Go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day. Invest in a new mattress – read these Tempurpedic reviews to find the perfect mattress.

9. The Temperature 

65 degrees is perfect for sleeping. It is, however, much better to set the right temperature for you. Setting the right temperature can help you fall asleep quickly. In addition, you need to use the best pillows and blankets. 

10. Relax Before Your Bedtime 

You can reduce noises, avoid using your devices, and dim the lights to help you relax. You can listen to relaxing music and meditate before going to bed.

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