June 17, 2024

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Healthy food and drink swaps for 2022

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Feeling healthier, one step at a time.

Sometimes, the smallest changes can make the biggest difference…so this year, we’re taking steps to feel our healthiest ever.

By scheduling in some more outdoor exercise time (hello, fresh air), drinking more water or loading up on the veggies, we’re making a conscious effort to prioritise our physical and mental health in 2022.

The ELLE team is starting small, making these simple food and drink swaps to feel brighter and better every single day.

“I’m trying to trick myself into eating more veggies instead of just always reaching for the carbs. (Carbs are great! Just not when they make up most of your diet… aka me).

“Here’s how it works: anything I’m making, I throw an extra serving of veggies in. Spag bol? Say hello to two carrots, not one. Sandwich? Sounds like you could use a handful of spinach leaves in there. I’ve even started swapping my afternoon snack of toast (WFH life) for an entire capsicum. You eat them like an apple, and it’s delicious.” — Alex Bruce-Smith, Digital Managing Editor

“This year, I am trying to be a little kinder to my body, so I’m cutting down on my diary consumption. The easiest way I’ve found to do this is to switch to a plant-based milk.

“I’m loving So Good Oat Milk No Added Sugar – it’s made from Australian-grown oats that are softly milled and blended, so it still has a thick and creamy texture. It’s super versatile and easy to swap into any recipe – I especially enjoy it in my morning smoothie, because it has vitamins B2 and B12 which combat tiredness and fatigue.

“I also still get my calcium fix and the fact there’s no added sugar is an extra health bonus.” — Jess Clark, Commercial Editor.

“This year, I’m making a conscious effort to slow down on my fizzy drink habit. I’ve developed a terrible habit of drinking at least one Diet Coke a day. Try as I might, when the clock strikes 3pm, I need a hit of something fizzy. Sure, it’s not going to kill me, but I could definitely swap it out for something healthier.

“I’ve been trying out different flavours of kombucha and have been pleasantly surprised by how much it hits my sweet craving, without any artificial sugars or added nasties.” — Lucy Cocoran, Digital Lifestyle Editor

“As a vegetarian, I’ve lived off fail-safe tofu, tempeh and chickpea recipes for years. But this year, I’m keen to expand my list of go-to, could-make-it-in-my-sleep dinners.

“At the top of my list, stuffed vegetables, vegan curries, and, of course, discovering more, unique ways to cook our beloved potatoes.” — Jess Pullar, Digital Culture Editor

Letting our bodies do the talking

“In a quest to keep my body as healthy as possible—both inside and out—in 2022, I’ve decided to ‘feed’ my body what it needs, instead of what I’m craving (goodbye, crippling stomach pain).

“The plan is to track my gut health and nourish myself by eating more vegetables (hello, greens), eating more vegetables and wholegrains and drinking way more water. To be honest, it feels like a no-brainer.” — Diandra Malivindi, Digital Beauty Writer

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The Food and Drink Swaps The ELLE Team Are Making In 2022

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