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Females – How To Appeal to Norse Valkyries To Secure Home and Young children

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Females – How To Appeal to Norse Valkyries To Secure Home and Young children

Women bring in Valkyriesn.

This web-site is about working with the runes, which are Common Inventive Energies to build wellness, wealth, enjoy and protection.

This distinct write-up is about Security.

Safety that Valkyries give as a result of the impressive ALGIZ RUNE.

We all have the drive for increase. Odin the All Father desires us to have boost. The Universe desires us to have boost. We all would like a lot more food stuff, dresses, greater shelter, luxery, splendor, appreciate, awareness, pleasure, much more life.

The Runes can present these.

For these tricky politically right, multi-cultural society situations what is most vital is Protection.

You will need Valkyries to safeguard your home, car or truck, young children and belongings.

Freya is the Queen of the Valkyries.

She is the Norse Goddess of enjoy, fertility, attractiveness, magic and battles.

Freya The Valkyrie is blond, blue-eyed and stunning. She travels in a chariot driven by cats. She resides inFOLKVANG and collects a single fifty percent of the bravest vikings slain in fight. The other half goes to Odin in Valhalla.

Valkyries wear scarlet corslets and have shields and spears.

All Valkyries can shape modify. A lot of take the type of blue herons or swans. Valkyries are also named Swan Maidens. If you could capture and keep a Valkyrie whilst she is in swan variety, you could extract a wish from her.

Valkyries in the Sagas and Eddas.

Valkryie Brynhild —– Byrnie of Battle

Valkyrie Sigrun —– Victory

Valkyrie Skogul —– Rager

ValkyrieThruor —– Power

Valkyrie Geirahod —– Spear of Battle

Valkyrie Gunnr —– Battle

Valkyrie Goll —– Battle Cry

Valkyrie Rota —- Turmoil

Valkyrie Gondul —–She-Were being-Wolf

I named only 9 Valkyries. You can look up more if you like.

Valkyries ordinarily journey to fight nine at a time.

Valkyries are Odin’s messengers and when they journey light flashes off of their armor and results in the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).

How-To Appeal to Valkyries for Protection.

The Rules of Quantum Physics now explain to us that there is an intelligent, infinite ocean of electrical power identified as the Quantum Ocean.

Every little thing that ever was, is or will be exists in this Quantum Ocean. There is no time there. No past, current nor foreseeable future. Only the NOW!

The Runes, the gods/goddesses of the North, the Valkyries, Asgard, Valhalla all exist there NOW!

All you need to have is a methodology on how to bring in these Valkyries out of the Quantum Ocean and into your lifetime NOW!

The Rune Symbols are the methodology.

Every Runic Symbol on the physical aircraft is a critical to a Runic Electrical power in the Quantum Ocean.

By searching at, meditating on, breathing-in a Runic Symbol you make a link by means of the Regulations of Psychological Radionics with that Runic Power or god/goddesses in the Quantum Ocean.

Illustration: if you meditate on Rune FA you catch the attention of the Runic Strength of prosperity out of the Quantum Ocean and into your aura.

And so on, etcetera, and so on for just about every rune.

Rune ALGIZ is the Rune Related With the Valkyries.

It is one of the Runes of Protection.

When you search at, meditate upon or breath in Rune ALGIZ you appeal to the safety of the Valkyries into your existence.

Rune ALGIZ Respiration-In Ritual.

Sit quietly in your beloved chair. This ritual was designed for the Asatrurer who wants to work by yourself from their home.

Loosen up.

Breath deeply and softly.

Now, glimpse at the ALGIZ Rune in your lap. (Cut this Rune out at the base of this page.)

When you seem at this ALGIZ Rune you make contact with the Valkyrie energies in the Quantum Ocean.

Consider a deep breath and intone:

“I am now inhaling the Runic energies of the Valkyries out of the Quantum Ocean and into my aura.”

Visualize the Valkyries pouring out of the Quantum Ocean and into your aura.

Do this 3 moments.

Breathe in.


Breath out.

You will now have the Runic energies of the Valkyries in your aura. You would not truly have Valkyries in your aura. Just the protecting energies of the Valkyries.

All is vitality till it is projected on to the actual physical plane.

What ever vitality you have in your aura you can challenge out into your environment.

What Do You Want To Do With This Valkyrie Energy?

Secure your residence?

Secure your car or truck?

Defend youe loved kinds (even if there is a length of thousands of miles).

Illustration: Your Residence.

When you are sitting down there quietly with your aura crammed with Valkyrie power visualize:

A Valkyrie in entrance of your property, resplendent in her shining armor, spear butt on floor, protect on arm going through outward in a defensive place.

Acquire your time and pour your psychological power into the Valkyrie visualization. What you are performing is taking this formless, smart vitality in your aura and manifesting a Valkyrie on your entrance garden.

She will not be noticeable to the bare eye. But she will be there in comprehensive fight dress on the etheric strength level of your lawn.

Sensitives will be able to see her.

All evil will truly feel her presence.

Now, do the identical matter for both of those sides and rear of property.

Consider a deep breath and as you are breathing out visualize the Viking electricity in your aura manifesting as a Valkyrie on your lawn, sides and back of dwelling.

A few periods.

There are four instructions which suggests a whole of twelve Valkyrie visualizations.

Unwind and be certain that the Valkyries are there defending your home.

To make the Valkyrie Defense Ritual far more potent choose 4 names (from the listing above) and assign a single name to each and every of your four Valkyries.

Personalize your relationships with your Valkyries.

Also visualize a strong red ALGIZ Rune painted in the middle of every of the Valkyries shields.

Brynhild on entrance lawn.

Sigrun in back again property.

Thruor on still left aspect of household.

Gunnr on suitable side of house.

These are the four I use.

Converse to them. Question for their protection. Thank them. They are just as real as you and I, even while you cannot see them.

The energies that these Valkyries job will be felt by all who tactic your dwelling.

This applies to the physical plane, the astral aircraft, the etheriec plane and even the psychological and psychological plane. Beasties of all varieties (human included) will come to feel the Valkyrie vitality and be repelled by it.

The exact as a Vampire is repelled by the sight and odor of garlic.

You can safeguard your youngsters when you send out them off to university.

Sit – breathe – visualize and project the Valkyries about them.

In your car.

Sit – breathe- visualize – task the Valkyries around your car or truck.

Have a soldier in the war? Do the similar. Distance does not issue in Rune Magic.

How prolonged will this protection last?

How effective are you? How properly did you do the visualization? How strongly did you make the connection to the Quantum Ocean?

How usually?

I do it every evening prior to heading to snooze. Just by crafting these things on the net has captivated many evil forces who want to stop me. We the Northern Europeans do not very own the bodily, mental or psychological realms any more. Other folks do and they do not want us to develop into robust yet again. Runes combined with Quantum Physics will bolster us.


Runes and Valkyries will guard you and youngsters. Simply call on them.

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