June 19, 2024

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Du-al-i-ty n.

A situation or mother nature that has two states or elements
that are complementary or opposed to each other.

Why? There is no clarification.

How? There is no respond to.

An unsolved puzzle of intent

I only know you are here

You are two points of distance both of those of the exact line

No commence issue, no conclusion assortment

Our intersection yields no absolution

We only know that we are, and we are settled in that.

I am imperfect, you are devoid of flaw

I absence knowledge, you grasp all that is unidentified

I am still left, you are appropriate

I am vacant, you are fullness

I am incomplete, you are intact

A mere pawn standing opposite a queen:

My unaware to your certainty

My unresolved to your reconciliation

My disarray to your peace

Our cause right here: not established

Our time not committed, nevertheless we stand unified in this

Divisibility that separates us quite a few grains of sand in
the hourglass

We only know of just one matter:

Our timeline is familiar with no boundary

And our path unqualified

We sit at two ends of a legless table, strangely business

Our life lie on two opposing finishes of a congruent plane,
surprisingly non linear.

Two pristine and sensitive glasses when poured, a gorgeous
combination requires hold

Our life traverse into infinite instructions of
reverse usually means of stop, a time divided union and the duality that binds empties us into the withdrawing tide,
getting with it the sand that remains until eventually that day the
sunlight meets the sea.

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