June 18, 2024

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Dentist reveals 5 things your teeth are telling you about your health

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YOUR teeth can indicate if something isn’t right with your body.

It is important to monitor your mouth and pay attention to any changes. This could indicate that something else is wrong in your body.

Keeping your teeth healthy could be key to making sure you pick up any underlying problems


Keeping your teeth healthy could be key to making sure you pick up any underlying problems

Making sure you keep regular appointments at the dentist will help, as they can spot things you might miss.

Knowing these five things could help you catch any health problems.

Experts at ExpressDentist have told the Sun Online about some key conditions your teeth could be warning you about…

1. Anaemia and pale gums

Pale gums can be caused by anaemia, most often due to an iron deficiency.

You might have darker or lighter gums depending on the natural colour variation.

If the gums don’t feel sore or bleeding, it’s best to not pay too much attention.

However, if your gums suddenly look pale and you experience other symptoms like feeling tired or dizzy then it may be worth seeing a physician.

2. Eating disorders and tooth enamel

If an eating disorder involves vomiting, stomach acids wash over teeth and can dissolve the hard enamel covering.

A symptom that could indicate a deeper problem is a change in colour, shape or translucency. This can lead to tooth decay and eventual tooth loss.

This is something you should look for in any family member or friend.

3. Osteoporosis and tooth loss

While this will be harder for you to look out for yourself, if you feel your teeth are a little loose you could be suffering with osteoporosis.

The bone surrounding your teeth supports them.

Although it can be harder to spot at home, dentists or hygienists can detect osteoporosis in the bone around your teeth.

A progressive condition may be detected early by moving teeth more than usual during an exam.

In these cases, we recommend that you have a bone density test done with your physician.

4. Oral thrush and HIV

It’s unusual to see oral thrush in generally healthy people, unless they wear dentures.

HIV-positive patients are more likely to get thrush and other serious infections because of their weak immune system.

Signs of oral thrush include cracks at the corners of the mouth, not tasting things properly, an unpleasant taste in the mouth or pain inside the mouth. 

5. Tooth loss and kidney disease

Kidney disease can cause mouth sores, changes in taste, and dry mouth from xerostomia can cause a reduction in saliva production.

When the pH drops, acidity can rise and lead to severe tooth decay.

Research also suggests that gum disease patients are at higher risk for kidney disease. This is another link between oral and systemic health.

Other symptoms of kidney disease include more severe or unusually shaped mouth sores, and a change in taste.

You might feel more tired, have trouble sleeping, or need to pee more frequently.

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Dentist reveals 5 things your teeth are telling you about your health

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