February 5, 2023

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Community Action House opens grocery-store-like Food Club

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HOLLAND — Community Action House begins serving its clients with its new grocery store model Monday, Oct. 25.

The Food Club and Opportunity Hub at 739 Paw Paw Drive is also the organization’s new office space, with all of its services for those in need now gathered in one location — the former Yff’s Neighborhood Grocery, most recently owned by Semco.

Bright murals by local artist Joel Schoon-Tanis will greet the members at the food club, who will show their membership cards to shop in a “high-dignity” grocery store environment, paying for fresh produce, dairy, meat and store cupboard items with a monthly allotment of points.

Larger households get more points to spend, and the food club membership costs between $11 and $17 a month, dependent on income. Points provide enough for about one-third of the average household’s grocery needs.

The Community Action House hosts an open house for the public to get a first look at Holland's largest food pantry's newest expansion Saturday, Oct. 23, 2021, at the Community Action House located at 739 Paw Paw Drive in Holland. More than 400 have pre registered for the grocery service which opens it's doors Monday, Oct. 25, 2021.

AJ Fossel, executive director of the Community Food Club in Grand Rapids, which inspired and helped shape Community Action House’s Food Club, said members’ ability to choose is key to the food club model. Rather than waiting in line at a food pantry to take whatever is available that week, members choose the food they want to serve to their families. Like at a traditional grocery store, they pay for their food and can shop whenever is convenient for them, including weekends and evenings.


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