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Clinical Dean of Saint James School of Medicine Travels to Ukraine to Save Lives

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While most people instinctively run away from a fire, Dr. Monzer Yazji is the kind of person who runs into one

PARK RIDGE, Ill., April 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — While most people instinctively run away from a fire, Dr. Monzer Yazji is the kind of person who runs into one. There are millions of people fleeing the conflict in Ukraine, but Dr. Yazji has already made three trips to Eastern Ukraine to use his medical skills to help people injured in the war. Despite shortages of water, electricity, and medical supplies, Dr. Yazji and his Ukrainian colleagues perform as many as half a dozen surgeries a day, including skin grafts to victims of bombings. Dr. Yazji is no stranger to conflict-related injuries. In the past he has run missions in Haiti and as well as over 30 missions in Syria. Through those experiences, he has become a specialist in providing care to patients in conflict zones.

Dr. Yazji is the Clinical Dean of Saint James School of Medicine and an accomplished physician in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. He owns and operates several medical practices in the region and sits on the boards of directors of various associations and organizations such as South Texas Health Systems and Cornerstone Regional Hospital.

“As physicians, it is our first duty and ethical responsibility to help every needy person in the world,” said Dr. Yazji. However, the risk and peril he undertakes is not lost on him. “Whenever I leave my home and travel to a war zone, I get a one-way ticket,” says an emotional Dr. Yazji.

In Ukraine, he not only provides medical support, but also provides mental nourishment to local doctors as well by showing them they are not alone and not forgotten. Being Syrian American, Dr. Yazji can relate very well to what his Ukrainian colleagues are going through.

“Dr. Yazji may be the closest thing the medical profession has to a superhero,” said Kaushik Guha, Executive Vice President of Saint James School of Medicine. “Through his actions and his leadership as a medical educator, he is inspiring a next generation of doctors who will emulate his actions. We deeply appreciate his ability to inspire students to selflessly help people in need, because we certainly need more doctors like him in this world.”

Saint James School of Medicine (SJSM) is a Caribbean Medical School that offers an affordable medical education to individuals throughout the world who wish to pursue their dream of a career in medicine. SJSM is committed to training students to think, solve problems, and apply their knowledge to the care and wellbeing of their patients, and society. SJSM believes that a high-quality medical education should be affordable and accessible to everyone.

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