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Bhagyashrees “Healthy Option For Lunch” Is Giving Us Major Diet Goals – See Pic

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Bhagyashrees “Healthy Option For Lunch” Is Giving Us Major Diet Goals – See Pic

Bollywood actor Bhagyashree has emerged well as a food and health influencer. If you follow her on Instagram, you will find the actor sharing tips and tricks on how to lead a healthy lifestyle. That’s not all. She also keeps inspiring her 983k followers on Instagram with different posts and stories featuring her daily meals, yoga sessions and more. Keeping up with the tradition, the ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’ actor recently shared what she had for lunch on a Sunday afternoon. This weekend, she decided to go healthy with a bowl of nutritious sprout salad. Sharing a glimpse of her healthy meal, Bhagyashree wrote, “#healthyfood”. She further wrote, “Healthy options for lunch! Sprouted bean salad.” As per the image Bhagyashree uploaded on Instagram, the salad bowl included sprouted moong beans, cherry tomato, cucumber, some salt and black pepper. Take a look at the image:

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Looks delicious, isn’t it? Besides being tasty, this meal can also be a wholesome and fulfilling option for a quick meal. All you need to do is – get all the ingredients together, toss them with some salt, pepper and lemon juice and indulge. Moreover, this salad has several health benefits too.

Health Benefits Of Sprouted Beans Salad:

1. Promote Weight Loss:

Beans are known to be storehouse of nutrients like protein and fibre, which helps you keep full for long, promoting weight loss. The other ingredients – tomato, cucumber and lime juice – too help shed those extra kilos.

2. Boost Metabolism:

The protein, fibre and other essential ingredients in beans help regulate digestion, metabolism and aid gut-health.

3. Boost Energy:

This salad is dubbed to be a storehouse of nutrients, thanks to all the healthy ingredients used in the dish. These nutrients not only help you refuel energy, but also promote immune health and overall nourishment.

How To Make Sprouted Bean Salad | High-Protein Sprouted Moong Salad Recipe:

Considering all the health benefits, here we bring you a sprouted moong salad that can be a health and tasty addition to your daily diet.

For making this dish, all you need are sprouted moong, chopped tomatoes, chopped cucumber, sliced orange, chopped cilantro, and chopped green chili. Click here for the step-by-step recipe.

We also got you some of our favourite salad recipes to try. Click here for the recipes.

Try these healthy salads and let us know which one you liked the most.


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