November 30, 2023

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Best Toothpaste for Dogs in 2022 – Improve Dental Health & Hygiene

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Dogs don’t smile the way humans do, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t
be checking on your dog’s teeth on a regular basis. You might think
that toothpaste for dogs is just some kind of marketing ploy, but the
reality is dogs need to keep up with their dental hygiene the same way
humans do. Since we’ve domesticated dogs, we take on the responsibility
of caring for their health, including their dental health.

Now, we know some dogs will just kind of let you dig into their mouth
with a toothbrush and use a pet toothpaste, but most dogs will wonder
what in the world you’re doing! Especially if you’re starting a dental
hygiene routine with a dog that’s older, it may take a few tries to
really get him engaged with the process. To help you understand how we
put this list together, we let you know what we looked for with each
brand and we itemize the pros and cons of each product. Since we know
you have questions, you can scroll down to the bottom of this article
to find the answers most dog owners have right off the bat!

5 Best Dog Toothpaste Options

  1. Vets Preferred

    – Editor’s Choice
  2. Virbac

    – Runner Up
  3. Sentry

    – Honorable Mention
  4. Vetoquinol

    – Customer Favorite
  5. Vet’s Best

    – Growing Reputation

How Did We Select Our Top 5 Dog Toothpastes?

When putting this list together of best dog toothpaste products, we
wanted to make sure that we identified what makes these dog toothpastes
worth buying. In our quest to provide an unbiased set of
recommendations, below we list some of the factors that helped us
decide on the order of this list.

• Affordability
Many pet owners don’t consider pet toothpaste as part of their pup’s
regular care. However, when you see that dog toothpaste is an extremely
affordable product, you see how easily you can incorporate it into your
dog’s overall care routine to promote healthy gums and keep your dog’s
breath fresh.

• Customer Feedback
Anecdotal evidence that an enzymatic toothpaste is working wonders is
something that puts a smile on our faces. Knowing that a dog toothpaste
is doing its job and really cleaning your pet’s teeth means the product
is worth investing in.

• Company Reputation
Company reputation is another important factor. When a supplier has a
reputation of providing high-quality products, it’s obvious by the kind
of feedback they get. We always encourage you to only purchase products
from reputable sellers.

• Variety
Each product in the list below has its unique selling point. Sometimes
it’s a unique flavor, sometimes it is a triple enzyme system, and
sometimes a toothpaste is formulated specifically for dogs of a certain
life stage. We value variety when shopping but not overwhelming
selection. We kept this list short and pointed for your convenience.

Top 5 Dog Toothpaste Options Reviewed


Vets Preferred

– Editor’s Choice

Limited - Green Living - Vets Preferred


• Save an extra 20% with Amazon coupon
• Tastes like a treat
• 100% money back guarantee
• Veterinarian grade dental care


 Toothbrush sold separately

Product Highlights
This enzymatic dog toothpaste by Vets Preferred has a delicious peanut
butter flavor that will have your dog pleasantly confused, thinking
that you’re just giving him a tasty treat. It comes in a three ounce
tube and is specifically formulated to introduce teeth brushing to your
dog. You start by letting him taste a small amount of the toothpaste on
the tip of your finger. Once he realizes it’s delicious, you can gently
rub the toothpaste on his teeth and gums.

Your dog will lap it up! Step two is to add a small amount of the
toothpaste to a toothbrush that you purchase separately and allow your
dog to taste the toothpaste on the toothbrush. Finally, move forward
with step three: expose your pet’s teeth and gums and gently start the
brushing process. With the tasty flavor and plenty of encouragement,
you and your dog will be able to develop a tooth brushing routine in no

Key Benefits
This is a gentle enzymatic toothpaste that’s perfect for dogs that have
sensitive stomachs and kidney problems because you can get a gentle and
effective clean without upsetting their insides or their tooth enamel.
This dog toothpaste also cleans teeth and gums. It reaches those hard
to access dental spaces and reduces plaque and tartar buildup. It also
aids with reducing discoloration. Dogs are prone to developing gum
diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis, but when you use this dog
toothpaste, it soothes and strengthens your dog’s gums.

Of course, you love a good cuddle with your favorite canine but
sometimes the bad breath is too much. This toothpaste contains
ingredients with antibacterial benefits, which means that with regular
brushing, your dog’s breath will smell refreshed, and you won’t need to
lean away when he comes in for a sloppy kiss. Finally, when you use
this advanced enzymatic toothpaste, you improve your dog’s overall
quality of life. Buildup of oral bacteria can lead to more than just
bad breath. It can affect your dog’s heart, his liver, and his kidneys.
By prioritizing oral care for your dog with this toothpaste, you’re
also protecting his organs.

Customer Feedback
Customers comment on the sweet scent of the toothpaste, noting that it
kind of smells like butterscotch. One verified buyer started using this
dog toothpaste with her puppy and he took to it right away. She notes
that the fact her puppy loves the taste of the toothpaste is what helps
her get the brushing completed more easily. Another customer is both
relieved and excited to have finally found a product that his dog
loves. Usually very cautious when trying out new products, he gave this
one a shot and loves it. His dog’s breath is fresh again!

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– Runner Up

Limited - Green Living - VerbacGreen Living/for PhillyVoice


 Poultry flavor pet toothpaste
• Autoship and save
• Removes plaque
• Freshens breath


 Some customers noted the paste is slightly runny

Product Highlights
This enzymatic toothpaste by Virbac C.E.T. is part of a product line
that is number #1 recommended by veterinary professionals. It has a
poultry flavor and comes in a 2.5 ounce tube. You can choose to
purchase one tube or buy it in a pack of two. It’s appropriate for
breeds of all sizes in the adult life stage. This same company also
sells toothbrushes you can pair with the dog toothpaste at once for
your pup.

Key Benefits
This dog toothpaste is specially formulated to be safe and effective
for your dog’s teeth and contains the C.E.T. dual enzyme system that
inhibits the formation of plaque. It makes brushing easy and tasty for
your dog. There are no foaming agents in this dog toothpaste and if
your pup swallows it – no problem! It’s intended to be swallowed. You
can use this dog toothpaste daily and it has a great flavor that pets
really take to. It can be used for both dogs and cats, so if you have a
multi pet household, you just need one product to take care of your
dogs and cats.

Customer Feedback
Pet owners can’t help but rave about the results after using this dog
toothpaste. One dog mom tried other dog toothpastes and it became such
a struggle that she would just give up trying. However, after she tried
this dog toothpaste, she realized her dog loves it. She likes that the
toothpaste is poultry flavored, but it doesn’t make her dog’s breath
smell like poultry. Simply, her pup’s breath doesn’t smell bad anymore
– she describes it as “neutral”. She also noticed that before trying
this toothpaste, her pup’s canines had gotten brown. After a couple of
weeks, she took her dog back to the vet and her vet was surprised at
the progress she had made – her teeth were noticeably whiter. This dog
mom is happy she turned to this product because her dog’s teeth and
breath have improved drastically.

Learn more about Virbac Dog Toothpaste



– Honorable Mention

Limited - Green Living - SentryGreen Living/for PhillyVoice


 Available in two sizes
• Poultry flavor
• Veterinary strength cleaning power
• For all breed sizes


 Some customers don’t like the smell, but they love how well it works

Product Highlights
This dog toothpaste is formulated with veterinary strength. This is the
original formula by Sentry and it comes in a 2.5 ounce tube or a 6.2
ounce tube. It’s poultry flavored to make it easy for your dog to
enjoy. When you first introduce this dog toothpaste, apply a small
amount onto your finger and just let your dog taste it. It’s suggested
you next apply a small amount onto a Sentry advanced dental care
toothbrush or use a finger toothbrush. After, you can gently pull your
dog’s lips and cheeks up and begin brushing in short back-and-forth
strokes at the gumline. During the first time, just brush a few teeth
to get your dog acquainted. Later, you can work your way up giving lots
of praise during the process.

Key Benefits
This veterinary strength and the enzymatic formulation provides your
dog with an effective and powerful clean. It’s designed to control
plaque and tartar with regular use, which promotes oral health for your
pet. It also contains ingredients that freshen breath while cleaning
your puppy’s teeth. With regular use, you’re not only helping to
prevent bad breath, but you also help prevent gum disease.

Customer Feedback
This dog toothpaste is rated 4.8 out of five stars. One customer shares
that she first tried this toothpaste with her 1.5-year-old pit.
Although her dog initially gave her a hard time when attempting to get
his teeth brushed, he quickly learned that he liked the flavor of the
toothpaste and came to like the nightly brushing process. She uses a
finger brush, and her dog feels like he’s getting a treat right before

Learn more about Sentry Dog Toothpaste



– Customer Favorite

Limited - Green Living - VetoquinolGreen Living/for PhillyVoice


 Save 50% on first autoship
• Removes plaque and plaque
• Poultry flavor
• Triple enzyme system


 Best suited for adult dogs

Product Highlights
The enzymatic toothpaste by Vetoquinol has a poultry flavor and comes
in a 3.2 ounce tube. It’s meant to be used with a pet toothbrush. Once
you expose your dog’s teeth, simply brush along the gumline using a
circular brushing motion. This is a paste that’s suitable for small
breeds, medium breeds, and large breeds, so long as they are in their
adult life stage. It won’t foam and it doesn’t need to be rinsed, so if
your dog likes the taste and ends up swallowing it all, you can rest

Key Benefits
This dog toothpaste has a triple enzyme system that’s effective in
polishing and removing plaque and tartar from teeth easily. It can be
used for both dogs and cats, which is great if you have a multi animal
household. Dogs really love the poultry flavor. With this toothpaste,
you can help prevent tooth and mouth illnesses by brushing regularly.

Customer Feedback
One verified shopper shares that her adopted dog had a tooth pulled by
her vet and then he suggested this dog toothpaste. She started brushing
her dog’s teeth after watching several YouTube videos on how to do it
correctly and she has noticed that this toothpaste has made a massive
difference in his dental health.

Learn more about Vetoquinol Toothpaste


Vet’s Best

– Growing Reputation

Limited - Green Living - Vet's Best


 Veterinarian formulated
• Controls plaque and tartar
• Freshens breath and whitens teeth
• Soothes gums


 For best results, restrict water and food ½ hour before and after

Product Highlights
Vet’s Best offers nature’s health care with this veterinarian
formulated toothpaste made specially for dogs. It comes in a 3.5 ounce
tube that stands upright and is made with neem oil and enzymes. It can
be used with any toothbrush, finger brush, or you can just apply the
toothpaste directly with your finger.

Key Benefits
This is a gel dog toothpaste that’s packaged in an easy to squeeze
tube. It’s designed to fight tartar and plaque, whiten and brighten
teeth, promote healthy gums, and freshen breath. It includes
ingredients like aloe, grapefruit seed extract, and baking soda. This
is a great go-to product to use in between professional cleanings.

Customer Feedback
Pet owners have been able to establish good brushing habits with their
dogs with the use of this toothpaste. One dog dad has gotten his pup to
love the toothpaste and he eagerly licks his fingers when he squeezes
out a small amount. Knowing this, he’s slowly working in a toothbrush
as part of the process. Another dog owner has made this a nightly
routine; his dog enjoys it and lets him gently brush his teeth without
a fuss.

Learn more about Vet’s Best Dog Toothpaste

Why Should You Brush Your Dog’s Teeth?

The first time you notice that your dog’s teeth may need some attention
may be when you smell their bad breath. Contrary to popular belief,
dogs aren’t supposed to have bad breath. Bad breath signals poor dental
care and can even be cause for greater concern because well over 2/3rds
of dogs past the age of three have already developed periodontal
disease. Periodontal disease affects the gums that surround your dog’s
teeth. This results in inflamed gums and infected gums if the condition
has progressed.

When plaque and tartar is left unaddressed on teeth and gums, it
eventually progresses into gingivitis. When gingivitis remains
untreated, the infection continues deep into your dog’s tooth sockets.
If you do not get treatment for your dog, he may begin losing his teeth
as well.

Much like with humans, there are a whole host of other issues that can
occur as a result of poor dental hygiene. Gum disease and tooth decay
can be really painful for your dog and could also be incredibly costly
for you to get treatment for. Getting your dog’s teeth brushed should
be a regular occurrence that you use as a preventive measure to keep
your dog’s teeth and gums in good health.

Aside from ensuring good oral hygiene, when you brush your pup’s teeth,
you’re also protecting some of his most important organs. For example,
the heart, the liver, and the kidneys are all extremely sensitive to
oral bacteria. Neglect of your dog’s mouth can actually travel further
into his body and create heart disease, liver disease, and kidney
disease. It’s vital that you prioritize oral care for your dog to
prevent systemic disease, which leads to suffering for your pup,
suffering for you, and a long list of veterinarian bills that could
otherwise be prevented.

How Often Should You Be Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth?

Ideally, if you can brush your puppy’s teeth on a daily basis, that’s
the best way to keep them clean. However, we recognize that not all
dogs will sit through the process without putting up a fight. Having a
tasty toothpaste is helpful but dogs may not enjoy the actual brushing
sensations, depending on their current gum health. If you are dealing
with a pup that needs special care and attention, you should be aiming
to brush as part of their daily routine. If you’re having a hard time
keeping up with a daily routine, incorporate brushing at minimum three
times per week. Three times per week will help remove plaque and will
also help to prevent the accumulation of tartar.

Important Ingredients in Dog Toothpaste per the Veterinary Oral Health

The Veterinary Oral Health Council studies the effectiveness of
different dental products and makes recommendations based on plaque and
tartar removal claims. For dog toothpaste to actually be effective, it
does require some kind of abrasive ingredient. This could show up on
the ingredients list as baking soda or sodium chloride, which is
basically salt. You’ll also notice that dog toothpaste is usually
infused with some kind of flavor to make the brushing process more
pleasant for your pup. Additionally, some toothpastes may also contain
antimicrobial agents that make brushing even more effective. These
agents help to bring down the bacteria population in your dog’s mouth
and prevent the buildup of plaque.

Is It Safe?

Dog toothpastes are safe, so long as they are formulated appropriately.
For example, your dog toothpaste should never foam. Foaming toothpastes
are meant for humans and if you use a foaming toothpaste with your dog,
you could cause choking or poisoning. Additionally, never swap out your
dog toothpaste for human toothpaste. Toothpaste formulated for humans
often contains fluoride and xylitol, and while fluoride is effective as
an anti-cavity agent in humans, dogs are extremely sensitive to this
ingredient, and it can lead to toxicity. Xylitol is a sweetener but
it’s also highly toxic if a dog ingests it. So long as you’re using a
dog toothpaste like the ones we have selected for you in this list,
even if your dog swallows the small amount you use to brush his teeth,
it’s not a problem. Some pet parents have tried using baking soda on
top of dog toothpaste for a better clean but that’s not a good idea.
Baking soda has a high alkaline content, which can upset your dog’s
stomach if swallowed. Additionally, baking soda doesn’t have a pleasant
taste and may deter your pup from willingly partaking in future
brushing sessions.


How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth?

If you’re just starting with a brushing routine with your dog, you
should know that the most important thing you can do is create a
pleasant experience from the start. This means lots of patience, lots
of praise, and very gentle touches around his mouth while he gets
acquainted with the feel of a toothbrush and the taste of the dog
toothpaste. Your dog will be looking at you for reassurance, so be sure
to let him know that everything’s okay, that this is good for him, and
that you enjoy it as much as you want him to.

Start by going to a spot in the house where you won’t be interrupted. A
quiet place helps you and your dog bond over the experience and helps
him feel more safe and secure. For smaller dogs, you can sit them on
your lap facing away from you or if you have a larger dog, you can sit
on a chair just above him and have your dog sit beside you where you
can access his mouth.

You can use your finger, a toothbrush, or a finger brush to start. You
can even use a piece of cloth or gauze wrapped around your finger to go
over the outer surfaces of his teeth. For the first few tries, you
don’t need to do a thorough cleaning. It’s just about getting your dog
acquainted with the process, so that you can set up healthy habits
together. Make sure that when you are actually touching your puppy’s
teeth, you stay on the outer surfaces to avoid injury through
accidental biting – especially if you’re just using your fingers.

After a couple of tries, your dog will know what to expect and he’ll be
less nervous. When you notice that your dog is feeling more comfortable
with the process, you can move along more of his teeth to provide a
more thorough cleaning. You may need to stick with fingers at first and
incorporate a brush later; it all depends on how your dog reacts. The
gentler and patient you are during the first couple of tries, the
easier future brushing sessions will be.

What Type of Toothbrush to Use?

You’ll notice there are several different toothbrushes available on the
market that are designed specifically for use with dogs. Sometimes
these brushes have angled handles while others might have multiple
heads that allow you to tackle the outer surfaces and the inner
surfaces of his teeth at the same time. There are also smaller brushes
that fit easily into the palm of your hand and even finger toothbrushes
that are designed to cover your finger while you brush.

Ultimately, toothbrushes are selected based on preference. You can try
different designs to see what might work best for you but it’s the
combination of your dog’s size, his temperament, your comfort, and your
preference that’ll help you make the right decision. If you’re not sure
which brush to select, talk to your veterinarian to see what they

Can You Use the Same Toothpaste and Toothbrush for Multiple Dogs?

You can definitely share the same toothpaste tube with other members of
your canine family but do not use the same toothbrush for all dogs.
Each dog should have his own designated toothbrush, and each should be
thoroughly rinsed after brushing your dog’s teeth. You should also
replace your dogs’ toothbrushes every three months.

Another important tip for maintaining cleanliness is to use gloves
whenever possible or make sure you use plenty of soap and water when
washing your hands after touching your dog’s mouth. The inside of your
pup’s mouth contains a lot of bacteria which can be transferred to
other members of your household or other surfaces if you’re not
cleaning thoroughly after each brushing session.


Whatever you do, don’t reach for your human toothpaste to brush your
dog’s teeth. This is because human toothpaste contains an ingredient
called xylitol, which is an artificial sweetener that could be
extremely harmful for your pup. In fact, most pet parents don’t know
what ingredients to look for in a good toothpaste for their dogs. And
still, even well-intentioned and extremely careful dog parents don’t
even brush their pup’s teeth. To help you understand why brushing with
dog toothpaste is an essential part of their care routine, we’ve
selected five of the best dog toothpaste options to select from. If
you’re starting off with a puppy, even better. You’ll be able to
establish good habits early on that will prevent periodontal disease,
as seen in most dogs. A good dog toothpaste doesn’t just have all the
essential ingredients that help clear your puppy’s teeth from plaque
and prevent gingivitis, but they also have an enticing flavor that
makes your dog think that maybe he’s having a treat during his

The best dog toothpaste is the one your pet loves and that delivers
results. Although brushing your dog’s teeth can be a challenge at
first, his dental health is worth it. Just like with humans, daily
actions to preserve health pay out in the long run. Your dog’s oral
health has a direct effect on some of his critical organs and when you
look at it that way, brushing becomes an act of love. Now, you have
plenty of great options to choose from and a new bonding routine to set
up with your favorite pup!