June 19, 2024

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4 Health & Fitness Devices To Boost Your Wellbeing

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We love a gadget that makes life easier, or in this case, takes the hassle out of staying fit and healthy. And with all the advances in the tech world, there are some mind-boggling new products on offer to help you on your journey to wellness, so you don’t have to go it alone.

Let’s face it—our weekly spin class doesn’t always have us jumping out of bed with the same enthusiasm as, say, a Black Friday sale. But when you throw in goodies that can help you exercise smarter (not harder) or ease post-workout recovery, we’re all in.

These new health and fitness accessories may be just what you need to kick your wellness goals.

Stay motivated on your fitness journey with a wearable device that keeps track of all your progress for you. When you see the stats on the scoreboard, you’ll be extra pumped to keep going.

Take a second to think about what you want to get from your tracker, as there’s a whole slew of options on the market, from basic to all-inclusive and all-encompassing models. Along with the step counter, you might also like other features like heart rate tracking, sleep pattern monitoring or even an ECG option. Then there are bands, watches or even a ring that doubles as a fitness tracker for those looking to be super discreet and chic. The Garmin VivoActive watch looks just like a piece of jewellery.

If you’re all about reaching above and beyond your fitness goals, many gadgets help you track your calories and workout activity down to every ounce of energy expended. How can it be so accurate? Each interface is usually installed with GPS tracking, so your device will know anytime you walk, run or jog, and report it back to you.

Everything’s getting the smart update, even water bottles. They’ve officially been crowned an ‘IT’ accessory, with supermodels and influencers carting theirs around like it’s a lifestyle.

So what’s the appeal? Smart water bottles are designed to take the chore out of staying hydrated by sending you regular reminders to take a swig. They also come with water purifying capabilities and a locator feature, in case you misplace yours at the gym. And if you opt for one like the HidrateSpark, you can choose from a range of stylish colours. You’ll be on your way to reaching your hydration goals in no time—not to mention living it up with glowing skin, mental sharpness and improved overall wellbeing.

Turn the sometimes-intimidating prospect of stepping on the scales into a healthy rite of passage with a super-sleek smart scale. With one click of an app, the high-res display will give you stats on your weight, BMI, body fat and muscle percentages—information that experts rely on to give a holistic view of your progress and overall wellness journey.

Smart scales will put your fitness goals back in your hands. You’re the boss, and now you’ve got all the data. You’ll be able to track any trends or patterns in your body’s changes, so you have the ammo to achieve the ultimate in wellness, whatever that looks like for you. JB Hi-Fi has a stellar range that will make a chic addition to any bathroom. We like this sleek model.

When you lead an active lifestyle and workout regularly, you’ll inevitably experience muscle soreness. Sitting at a desk all day doesn’t help either! A massage is the perfect antidote after a tiring day, regardless of what you pack into it.

There are plenty of state-of-the-art self-massagers to relieve sore muscles like a pro—all from the comfort of your home. Take the Homedics Percussion massage gun, which has six intensity levels for the ultimate deep tissue massage. Use before and after a workout to ease discomfort, soothe any tightness and recover quickly. You’ll suddenly be able to go harder and longer at your next gym visit. (Also, they make a great gift for all the fitness fanatics in your life.)

4 Health And Fitness Devices To Boost Your Wellbeing Goals

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